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Going Sparkless? Korea Thinking of Discontinuing America’s Smallest GM Car

Image: General Motors

Last week it was a subcompact Chevrolet Sonic and a news that a tiny four- or five-door could punch a dirt by a finish of this year. Now we hear a Spark — General Motors’ smallest U.S. offering — could also be on a approach to a nameplate graveyard.

Oddly, a Reuters report, that cites a GM Korea spokesman, comes only a few days after a phenomenon of a rested 2019 Spark. Like other Gamma II height tiny vehicles, a Spark comes to us by approach of Korea. As we know, that embattled multiplication is now struggling for survival, and it doesn’t most like a demeanour of America’s descending Spark sales.

So, what would reinstate a Spark and give GM Korea’s threatened factories a safer product bet? You already know a answer to this. A crossover.

We minute a Spark’s sales story after looking during a changes entrance for 2019. Sales of a tiny city automobile fell consistently in a U.S. after 2014, with 2018 volume down 2.7 percent during a finish of March. At a same time, Canadian buyers are holding to a indication in ever larger numbers, yet not adequate to equivalent a American loss.

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An vague crossover, certainly built on a automaker’s tiny automobile architecture, could offer a multiplication a reprieve. GM Korea needs to benefaction a country’s supervision with a business devise before a finish of Apr in sequence to secure Seoul’s support. That means initial crafting a product plan, pardon adult handling funds, and reaching a understanding with a belligerent labor union. Already, GM Korea has threatened failure in a hopes of strong-arming concessions. Unionized workers responded by trashing executive offices.

If GM Korea pulls itself out of this mess, a Spark won’t disappear overnight. The orator pronounced prolongation of a Spark-replacing crossover wouldn’t start until 2022. In a meantime, Opel owners PSA Group skeleton to move prolongation of a Opel Karl (a rebadged Spark) to Europe by 2020, serve dwindling outlay during GM’s Korean factories.

America’s still hot-selling subcompact Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore crossovers float atop a same Gamma II design as a Spark and Sonic, that means any new car would have to equivocate stepping on those models’ toes. Is American meddlesome in a sub-subcompact Chevy application vehicle?

Interestingly, a Spark already accessible in soft-roader Activ configuration. This strong savage boasts 0.4 inches of additional belligerent clearway and a medium sip of physique cladding, though a nonesuch on play lots and roadways shows that buyers direct a tiny some-more capability to go with their off-road pretentions.

[Images: General Motors]

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