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Genesis G70 Gets a Transmission Kia Stinger Buyers Can’t Have

Genesis G70

The dual models share a height and a span of engines, yet a arriving Genesis G70 competition sedan gains something a Kia Stinger cousin lacks: a primer transmission.

Given that we’re articulate about a rear-drive Korean sedan sole underneath a fledgling marque in a marketplace that couldn’t adore SUVs some-more if a damn things dispensed giveaway money from a lurch vents, we’re awaiting big, large direct for a stick-shift variant.

Thanks to a automaker’s Canadian website and a online sleuthing of one Bozi Tatarevic, we now know buyers in North America benefit a three-pedal entry-level G70, billed as a 2.0T Sport. This is a rear-drive-only proposition, powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder creation 252 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. (Other four-banger trims, like a Elite, Prestige, Advanced, and Dynamic, beget 249 hp.)

In a box of Genesis’ U.S. division, a indication appears in VIN decoder papers filed to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as good as on a EPA’s fuel economy page.

Genesis G70

It’s a small peculiar to see Genesis offer row-your-own G70 while Kia’s Stinger sticks with an eight-speed involuntary as a usually gearbox. The Stinger bent first, carrying a dwindle for a brand’s newfound sporting image. Genesis, on a other hand, positions itself as a cool and mature multiplication in Hyundai Motor Group’s stable. Maybe it’s a box of Kia not being a oppulance marque and Genesis wanting to compare BMW in each approach possible, yet nothing’s interlude a Kia from borrowing a G70’s primer someday in a future.

Of course, that assumes a stick-shift G70 has a future. The timorous participation of primer transmissions in German competition sedans means that, before long, it competence not matter if there’s a hang on hand. We wouldn’t be repelled to see a choice forsaken in a year or two.

The brand’s AWD G70 models seem this open in 2.0T guise or versed with a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 (365 hp, 376 lb-ft), though — according to Genesis Canada — a 2.0T Sport hangs behind until summer.

Interestingly, a G70 2.0T Sport, that can be optioned with an involuntary in a U.S., drops motorist assistance record from a list of customary features. These reserve aids seem on aloft trims. Besides giving a timorous throng of purists a delivery they desire, it seems a pretender code unequivocally wants to reduce a entrance cost on this gateway model.

Genesis might be Hyundai Motor Group’s oppulance division, yet it hasn’t abandoned a company’s tradition of poaching business with a value proposition.

[Images: Genesis Motors]

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