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From vape clouds to mobility scooters – could we mark these real-life hazards NOT enclosed in a pushing test?

BRITISH motorists are job for a jeopardy notice exam to be updated to improved impersonate complicated pushing dangers.

More than half of new drivers explain a a exam is out of date and doesn’t ready them for real-life hazards, according to a new study.

 Drivers explain a jeopardy notice exam doesn't ready them for complicated driving
Drivers explain a jeopardy notice exam doesn’t ready them for complicated driving

Conducted by LV= General Insurance, a consult unclosed a complicated hazards that are absent from a practical test.

Worryingly, 47 per cent of new drivers pronounced a exam didn’t ready them for a kind of hazards they would confront on a road.

Motorists cited potholes, children on scooters, pedestrians on their phone and even vape clouds entrance from other cars as some of a many common real-life hazards – though these aren’t featured in a central DVLA assessment.

Other common roadside risks like couriers, drones and cycle lanes are also missing.

First launched in 2002, a jeopardy notice test, that uses video clips of on-road scenarios to exam new drivers’ ability to detect risk, was final updated in 2015 with complicated visuals and surroundings.

But a exam still doesn’t embody examples with some-more “vulnerable” highway users, such as children and people in mobility scooters.

Just underneath 60 per cent of drivers pronounced they don’t trust new looseness holders are prepared for a hazards they competence face when they initial get out on a road.

So how would we transport with a some-more complicated chronicle of a test?

Challenge yourself in a comment below:

Heather Smith, Managing Director of a LV= Direct business, said: “Driving conditions have altered a lot given a jeopardy notice exam was launched 16 years ago.

“New drivers told us that a hazards they knowledge aren’t featured in a test, contributing to them being confused for today’s roads.

“We trust that all drivers should feel assured on a road, that is because we are job on a Government to refurbish a stream test.”

Kevin Clinton, Head of Road Safety during Royal Society for a Prevention of Accidents, said: “In new years, some-more accidents have occurred due to ‘modern’ pushing hazards.

“For example, year-on-year we have seen an boost in a series of incidents due to potholes. Our recommendation to new drivers is to design a unexpected.”

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