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Ford says fuel dungeon try with Daimler will close

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. and Daimler AG are circuitous down a corner venture shaped to rise automotive fuel dungeon technology, Ford pronounced on Wednesday, as both companies devise to take their particular fuel dungeon record growth in-house.

The Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp venture, formed in Burnaby, British Columbia, will tighten this summer, Ford pronounced in response to an exploration by Reuters.

Despite years of investigate and investment by vital automakers and startups, vehicles powered by fuel cells sojourn a little niche in a tellurian car market.

Honda Motor Co. and General Motors Co. are collaborating on fuel dungeon development, and Toyota Motor Corp. is ramping adult efforts to mass-produce fuel dungeon stacks. Earlier this week, Ballard Power Systems Inc. extended a agreement with Volkswagen AG’s Audi section to work on fuel dungeon development.

Ford “will take fuel dungeon smoke-stack growth in-house, as good as precedence a supply base, and tighten Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp. by summer 2018,” a association said. “Both companies will continue to try ways to concur on building fuel dungeon smoke-stack modules.”

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche progressing this year indicated that a German automaker was changeable the concentration toward battery-electric vehicles.

The try employed about 200 people, according to the website.

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