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Ford Kiboshes a Fusion’s Redesign: Report

2017 travel fusion, Image: Ford Motor Co.

Everyone who’s vehement about a next-generation Ford Fusion, take one step forward.

Not so fast, guys.

A new news lends weight to rumors that Ford Motor Company isn’t all that eager about vouchsafing a newcomer cars swab on a vine while buyers demeanour elsewhere for riper, fresher fruit. Fruit with a load bay, to be clear. It seems a Ford Fusion’s redesign module is now off a table, branch a model’s destiny into a hulk doubt mark.

Death becomes Fusion?

According to a request performed by The Detroit News, Ford has stopped formulation for a next-generation Fusion as it decides where it wants a product portfolio to go. The minute sent to suppliers in Nov states that Ford has cancelled the CD542N program, that would have combined a redesigned 2020 Fusion.

Late final year, we reported that Ford was angling to pierce Fusion prolongation from Mexico (where a sedans infrequently collect adult a large stash, man) to China, destiny home of a Focus. Ford coronet refuted a claim, observant no destiny Fusion will accost from a Orient. At a same time, sources claimed Dearborn sensitive suppliers that Mexico and Spain won’t build a thing, either. With American factories earmarked for high-margin trucks and SUVs, that leaves… who?

Suddenly, a Fusion’s destiny resembles a homeless male warming his hands over an oil drum glow underneath an widespread overpass. Has a automaker come to a fulfilment that loss sedan sales aren’t something value pursuing? (Fusion sales in a U.S. appearance in 2014, descending significantly each year since.)

In a late-year talk with Automotive News, CEO Jim Hackett cryptically pragmatic a Fusion had no future. Advances in fuel-saving technology, he said, were stripping newcomer cars of their solitary reason for existence. It’s good famous that Hackett wants to winnow models from Ford’s lineup.

While all accessible justification points to a wake for a Fusion, don’t enclose a black clothe usually yet. Another source told The Detroit News that a association skeleton to keep a stream indication around for 3 or 4 some-more years. The Fusion’s a lot like Fiat Chrysler’s LX vehicles in that sense, usually those models — many of them, anyway — during slightest have a semi-solid future. It’s also probable a Fusion nameplate will return, usually not as a sedan.

In response to a latest report, Ford orator Mike Levine told The Detroit News, “Fusion stays an critical partial of a Ford lineup for years to come with even some-more new uninformed facilities on a way. We will have some-more news to share in a future.”

In a meantime, maybe y’all should get your hands on a Fusion Sport, a various that’s certainly unfailing to turn a low-end collectible.

[Image: Ford Motor Company]

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