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Ford EcoSport Continues Its Search for a Sales Ceiling

2018 Ford EcoSport - Image: Ford

If a Ford EcoSport was Elon Musk, there’d be a special online site combined to champion a tarring and feathering of a writers during this publication. While we’re in agreement that a subcompact crossover space is a much-needed shred for Ford, generally given a devise to embankment required newcomer cars, we doubt a automaker’s preference to move a EcoSport here.

One of a readers wasn’t too anxious with his knowledge behind a wheel, though we’ll all haven final settlement until after we spend a week in one. There’s serve reviews on a way. (Maybe it’ll penetrate a lives and a emotions.)

Having pronounced that, a EcoSport, that saw its initial ever U.S. deliveries in January, sees a monthly sales continue to climb. Much to a discomfit of a certain PEI resident, it seems Americans have taken to a thing. 

Last month, Ford changed 5,481 examples of a small Indian-built car in a United States, violence a subcompact Fiesta’s total of 5,110 units. Note that Fiesta sales grew 22 percent, year over year, final March. And nonetheless a less-expensive car was still trounced, if marginally, by a EcoSport’s volume. Maybe Ford’s on to something here…

Putting that figure into context, a EcoSport outsold a Toyota C-HR (4,366 sales in May), a Mazda CX-3 (1,823 sales), and a equally new Hyundai Kona, that available 5,079 deliveries final month.  Chevrolet Trax sales total sojourn a poser (thanks, GM!), though a monthly normal for 2017 works out to roughly 6,600 vehicles, and a initial entertain of 2018 isn’t distant off that mark. Still, a usually subcompact charity that can legitimately explain to have beaten a EcoSport is a perennially renouned Honda HR-V, that available 8,773 sales in May.

One month in a automobile attention doesn’t count for much, and it stays to be seen where a EcoSport plateaus — and for how prolonged it can means a sales compared to a competition. Already, we’re saying some-more incentives raise adult a small ute’s hood. In a Detroit area, for example, there’s adult to $5,000 watchful for existent FoMoCo owners with good credit who financial by Ford.

Two grand in patron money seems to be a country-wide offer on a EcoSport, along with a common college, military, and initial responder bonuses.

Soon, however, there’ll be a opposition braggadocio a bottom MSRP that’s 5 bucks cheaper than an entry-level EcoSport with $2k in patron money stealing in a glovebox. That indication is a front-drive-only Nissan Kicks.

[Image: Ford Motor Company]

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