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Ford Crossover Company? Report Says Ford to Swap Cars for CUVs [UPDATED]

2019 Ford Fusion

You like Fusions, Foci, and Fiestas? Well, we improved get to shopping. Pretty soon, Ford’s automobile lineup will be down to usually dual – a Mustang and a arriving Focus Active.

Yes, we review that correctly.

The Blue Oval automaker is going all in on trucks and crossovers, as good as electrified vehicles, as it skeleton to reconstitute three-fourths of a lineup by 2020. This all comes from a Q1 gain report.

Not usually will 75 percent of a lineup turnover, though 4 new trucks and SUVs will be added. Ford will start a rollout of battery-electric vehicles in 2020 with a idea of carrying 6 on a marketplace by 2022.

It also appears that hybrid versions of a F-150, Mustang, Escape, and arriving Bronco will be available.

The biggest news, of course, is a change to a lineup that’s roughly exclusively done adult of crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. Ford did also contend it’s exploring what it calls “white space� vehicles – vehicles that would brew a aloft float tallness with incomparable load areas – arrange of like crossovers do now. We’d suppose that a association is meditative of hatchback-type vehicles here.

Ford is doing this since it estimates that 50 percent of American sell sales will be SUVs by 2020. It’s also reallocating $7 billion of collateral investment from cars to SUVs.

To be clear, a automaker’s arriving BEVs and variety competence indeed not be crossovers — they competence be what we’d call “cars.” There could even be a mid-size hybrid or BEV sedan. But it appears that gasoline-fueled sedans are passed going forward.

Ford also denounced a new driver-assist package in a capillary of Toyota’s Safety Sense complement and mentioned (in deceptive PR terms) initiatives to speed adult product-development cycles.

Okay, now that a design contribution are out of a way, it’s time for a editorializing. To this news, we say: What a $#%*, Ford?

2017 Ford Focus - Image: Ford

Yes, we know. The crossover disturb can’t stop, won’t stop. Mid-size sedans are in trouble. We’ve lonesome it extensively on TTAC. But this seems insane. The marketplace for sedans competence be shrinking, though it’s not 0 nor does it seem expected it ever will be.

The Mustang survives, of course, since it’s an icon, and it stays popular. There competence be riots in Dearborn if it was to be cancelled.

But this news means no some-more Fusion, Fiesta, or Focus. Essentially, Ford will no longer be a full-line automaker. It’s ceding space in pivotal segments (shrinking segments, though still key) to a competition, and it’s also holding a risk – if a crossover disturb abates for whatever reason, a Dearborn folks will have no sedans to show.

Maybe a bean counters and inner sales analysts are right, and Ford will advantage from this move. But we’re repelled and saddened over here – Ford’s stream brew of sedans and hatchbacks is utterly good. Not to discuss we don’t wish to be cursed to a destiny where a usually choice is crossover A or crossover B.

We’ve reached out to Ford and will refurbish if we hear back. UPDATE: A Ford orator supposing us with this statement, that is identical to what’s in a report: “Consumer shopping habits are changeable from tiny cars to tiny SUVs – here and around a world. To respond to a needs of a business and grow a business, we are significantly expanding a North America application portfolio while also exploring new “white space” car silhouettes that brew a best attributes of cars and utilities – such as aloft float height, space and versatility.”

[Images: Ford]

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