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Food for suspicion in Audi’s new well-spoken user A7

Indeed, if we have an altogether critique of a automobile – and of Audi generally – it is that prices fire adult neatly with a options. But we did like a three-screen setup that draws your courtesy in a hugely ample cabin: one display normal activity (easily noticed by a steering wheel) and dual horizontally separate on a executive console, between infotainment and some-more paltry tasks such as ventilation. The colours, contrasts and visible effects were a fun in night pushing especially.

Speaking of which: we swept along a easterly seashore into a night on good roads and in high spirits. As we sang, a 3-litre diesel hummed. What a beautiful square of engineering it is. It’s still a categorical march for me in many ways; there’s something about a big, polished diesel, we don’t caring what they say. we consider it played a large purpose in creation a new A7 such a tasty, unsentimental package (great cabin and foot space).

The automobile lacks a animation of a Porsche, a new Mercedes CLS is a category act too; yet I’m not scarcely as large a fan of a BMW rival.

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