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Following a Week of Toyota Recalls, a C-HR Gets Its Turn

2018 Toyota C-HR, Image: Toyota

It’s usually 700 vehicles from a 2019 indication year, though a intentional remember released by Toyota currently involves a probability of a back wheels descending off. That seems a small some-more concerning than carrying your Prius go into baggy mode.

The emanate with a C-HR lies in a back spindle heart temperament bolts, one or some-more of that competence not have perceived a correct tightening during a factory. Should they come lax while on a road, a C-HR could finish adult a three-wheeler.

In a dictatorial bit of understatement, Toyota’s remember settled that loosened spindle temperament bolts could lead to back stop repairs or a isolated wheel, “resulting in reduced stop opening or a intensity detriment of car stability. This could boost a risk of a crash.”

Given that there’s no stop-sale sequence mentioned, it would seem this collection of vehicles has already done it into a hands of customers. Once told (starting in early November), influenced owners can have their C-HR’s back finish examined during a dealer, that competence confirm to reinstate a spindle heart temperament public if bolts are found to be loose.

A examination of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s complaints page shows no discuss of consumer troubles or accidents compared with a 2019 C-HR. Worried your front-drive subcompact CUV competence be among those afflicted? Visit toyota.com/recall and form in your VIN.

Elsewhere in a Toyota lineup, some 807,000 Prius vehicles are being removed in a U.S. in sequence to accept a program update. The vehicles, that were already removed in 2014 and 2015, can suddenly go into “failsafe mode” (aka baggy mode) while underway. The remember impacts a 2010-2014 Prius and 2012-2014 Prius V.

Moving adult in size, some 168,000 Toyota Sequoia and Tundra vehicles from a 2018 and 2019 indication years, as good as a series of 2019 Avalons, were removed late final week to repair improperly automatic airbag electronic control units. In a eventuality of a crash, a side, side curtain, front, and knee airbags (all, or a multiple thereof) competence not deploy.

[Image: Toyota]

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