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Floating Food Truck to Serve Burgers and Booze in Dubai

Salt Bay strictly launched on Feb. 2, and will transport around a Dubai Palm Lagoon, Al Sufouh and Kite Beach. Salt Bay’s accurate plcae will change from day to day, and business can lane a locale on a amicable media @saltbayxdb. 

Ahmed Youssef, a designer behind a operation, combined a vessel with Dubai’s coastal plcae and sustainability in mind.  

Dubai is located in a United Arab Emirates, that boasts 818 miles of seashore and borders a Persian Gulf. 

“At AADS, we know a value of a region’s shorelines and beyond, so we saw an untapped event to move an innovative judgment to a UAE,” Youssef pronounced in an talk with VVIP.

The vessel also facilities a tolerable electrical thrust engine, that runs on diesel, and a complement that collects rubbish from a sea. The Dubai Maritime City Authority authorized a plan and protected it as a business with room for intensity expansion.

The DMCA is an classification that focuses on flourishing businesses while progressing a protected sourroundings in a city’s nautical environment.

While a United Arab Emirates competence have a incomparable seashore than a U.S., any physique of H2O is an event for food transporting businesses. Proposals would have to go by a Maritime Administration, though a destiny of food travel looks far-reaching open.

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