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Ferrari Seeks Patent for Elaborate Intake Amplification System

Ferrari has filed a obvious focus with a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a “device for a loudness of a intake sound” of an inner explosion engine. The complement is a small opposite than a “Active Sound Design” populating many of today’s complicated opening vehicles — a setup that involves piping in engine noises around a car’s sound complement (à la BMW), by a orator trustworthy to a firewall (e.g. Volkswagen), or by redirecting some intake atmosphere by a diaphragm and into less-insulated areas of automobile (Porsche).

For Ferrari’s new system, a final resolution seemed to be a best fit. But rather than using sound by a unaccompanied valve and pipe, a Italians wish to use any curtain of a intake manifold — presumably to emanate a richer and less-artificial sound. The obvious ask even states that a loudness siren produces a sound that is “very pleasing to a tellurian ear.” Filed in Apr of this year and clearly created by some super-intelligent automaton that’s spooky with tellurian ears, a complement looks flattering complex. 

In fact, schematics sorceress Bozi Tatarevic — who common his find with Jalopnik — alluded to it being a small too elaborate. But this is Ferrari we’re articulate about here. Certainly their customers would be peaceful to to continue whatever additional upkeep is compulsory to have representation ideal engine noises piped into a cabin, right?

From Jalopnik:

All of this sounds neat in theory, as it would broadcast something tighten to an authentic sound from a engine though it would need a spaghetti of tubes suggestive of aged atmosphere injection complement in a early days of emissions reduction. It would also deliver during lest 9 some-more points of disaster for a intake complement given these tubes would be connected to a intake runners that are behind a stifle physique and mass atmosphere upsurge sensor so any form of trickle from any curtain would means a engine to run abounding since unmetered atmosphere could enter a intake.

While this form of disaster competence seem far-fetched, it is not odd to see failures and intake leaks on a Ford Fiesta ST that has a identical form of complement and they usually have a singular tube going into a intake manifold.

Potential failures aside, a altogether advantage is a well-insulated and still cabin that usually gives we a sounds we want to hear. But it seems like Ferrari is holding a prolonged highway on this one, as it would be easier to simply use reduction sound deadening — saving some weight in a process. We’re only going to assume this complement is dictated for people selling for something like a GTC4Lusso and not a 488 Pista with an aluminum floor.

[Image: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office]

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