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Fear Not – a Lincoln MKT Might Still Cart You Off to a Afterlife

2014 Lincoln MKT, Image: Ford Motor Company

Seldom talked about by a plentiful masses, a slow-selling Lincoln MKT crossover gets a lot of hum among certain subsets of a population. People transporting corpses, for example, or maybe prom-goers who’ll shortly learn their toleration for badly churned alcoholic drinks.

The aging, whale-faced MKT fills a niche role, and Lincoln isn’t prepared to embankment a clothing business only yet, notwithstanding rumors of a approaching demise. It seems Ford Motor Company has some-more honour for a occupants of hearses than drivers of tiny newcomer cars.

Speaking to Automotive News, Lincoln’s selling manager, Robert Parker, pronounced a MKT will not crawl out of a brand’s lineup. Instead, it’ll lift on in a credentials as a fleet-only indication once a upscale, midsize Aviator arrives subsequent year.

“MKT can fill that purpose profitably for a association and will for a time being,” Parker said. “We don’t consider it negatively impacts a brand.”

2013 Lincoln MKT

It can’t negatively impact a code if business can’t see it, and no one visiting Lincoln’s consumer website can design to see a MKT on a homepage. You’ll have to click that “vehicles” add-on to try a MKT — something few sell shoppers do. However, only given a MKT sells in low numbers (it changed 1,653 units over a initial 8 months of 2018, a 22 percent year-to-date drop), doesn’t meant it’s not useful.

“It has a place,” Parker said. “Just like a prolonged limp on a football team. Nobody knows their name, or cares, though if he screws adult a snap, it’s a bad day.”

Its biggest use, besides transporting cold or really comfortable bodies, is ensuring a arriving Aviator sells with a top probable margins. Lincoln doesn’t wish to offer discounts. The code hopes to reap a full cost for all Aviators sold, all a while pulling even pricier Black Label models on sell business and foisting a cheaper MKT on a swift crowd.

“If we see an Aviator in Denver during a rental-car location,” Parker said, “it’s given they paid us what we would have paid when we bought it.”

Lincoln’s MKT went on sale in late 2009 as a 2010 model, undergoing a singular styling modernise in a years since. It still carries a signature split-wing grille that’s now left from contemporary Lincoln models. Given that 2019 looks to be a final year of accessibility for sell buyers, act now if you’ve always craved an outdated, seven-passenger Lincoln crossover with a customary 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6.

[Image: Lincoln Motor Company]

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