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Even Europe Has No Use for a Range Rover Evoque Three-Door

Evoque Coupe

The many receptive Range Rover, and simply a slightest desirable, will no longer be charity sans back doors. While a five-door Evoque soldiers on for a 2019 indication year alongside a absurd automobile sibling, a automaker says there will no longer be a three-door accessible anywhere on a planet.

It’s usually a latest justification that automakers aren’t meddlesome in shelling out for occasionally bought physique styles usually to prove a handful of radical buyers.

Hold on, you’re thinking, hasn’t Jaguar Land Rover already deep-sixed a three-door Evoque? You’re correct, though that preference usually influenced a North American market, where a Evoque three-door left for a 2018 indication year. In Europe and elsewhere, 2019 brings a lineup abandoned of anything that could accurately be referred to as a “coupe.”

Actually, if we occur to be one of 999 ultra-wealthy buyers, there technically is a coupe (the SV Coupe) on offer in 2019, though a model’s impassioned exclusivity means we won’t find it on many selling lists.

News of a three-door Evoque’s demise, nearing via Autocar, comes as a automaker readies a second-generation of a compress SUV for a tellurian launch. That indication appears subsequent year as a 2020 model, and it seems certain there’ll be no three-door variant. Autocar cites sources who explain 95 percent of a Evoque’s sales came from a normal five-door model.

“From a 2019 indication year, Land Rover has rationalised a Range Rover Evoque bodystyle charity to combine on a five-door indication and convertible, that comment for a infancy of sales,” a association orator told a publication.

In a land awash with unibody application vehicles, Range Rover’s long-in-the-tooth Evoque — that seemed in late 2011 as a 2012 model — saw a U.S. sales rise in 2015. Over a initial 5 months of 2018, Evoque sales slipped 45.6 percent in a United States.

[Image: Jaguar Land Rover]

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