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eBay Find: Pair of 1970 Plymouth Superbird Barn Finds

After he won a auction, someone approached him observant he has dual Superbirds, a blue one and a white one, that he’s perplexing to get absolved of and asked if he’d be meddlesome in saying them. Three Superbirds are improved than one, so he went and looked during them. This male was a second owners of both cars and they had been sitting in storage given a 1980s with true antifreeze in both 440-cubic-inch Hemi V-8 engines and something called Marvel Mystery lubricating oil in a cylinders to safety a engines as they sat.

The male who had only purchased his purify aged Plymouth Superbird bought these stable finds on a mark after verifying their flawlessness and now has 3 of these super high-value classical flesh cars on his hands. And dual of them could be yours. He’s gripping a purify one he bought during a New England Auto Auction and perplexing to sell a dual stable finds one during a time though is also open to offered them as a pair. As of this writing, a blue one has a stream bid of $128,700 and has not nonetheless met a reserve.

Based on a listing, both of these cars are illusory possibilities for restoration. They’re rust-free, true cars that will take some work and critical imagination to make them roadworthy again, though in a right hands, they could really good be returned to their former glory. For some-more pictures, some-more details, or to place a bid, check out a eBay inventory and try not to get mislaid in a 100-plus photos.

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