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DJI Teases New Product Ahead of Jan 23 Launch

“What are we? We are yet billions of atoms and molecules butting together.” That’s how a teaser for worker manufacturer DJI and a new puzzling product begins. You might’ve had reasonable expectations for a heading recreational worker manufacturer in a universe to betray something new during CES 2018, yet it seems DJI wanted control of only when and how a arriving product was announced. Hence, a teaser trailer, strictly posted to a company’s amicable media today. 

The video is brief and doesn’t give us much, besides allusions to a routine of expansion on world Earth and few murky glimpses during whatever DJI is about to strictly benefaction subsequent Tuesday. There are some flattering considerable shots of healthy phenomena such as tornadoes and sea currents, time-lapse footage of plants flourishing from a dirt, as good as a patterns of transformation exhibited by ants, tellurian beings, a elements, essentially. The voiceover has a shade of egomaniacal anticipation to it, with a assured voice vocalization of a “formidable strength and power” and “the beginnings of something truly mighty” appearing on a horizon. I’m going to take a tiny theory and posit that this truly strong thing is a product made by DJI, though, and not a world-changing anti-gravity device or something of a sort.

Let’s take a demeanour during a video in question, and see if there are any other clues dark within.

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