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Despite Saying ‘No’ to a (New) New Beetle, Volkswagen Hasn’t Completely Closed a Door on a Idea

2017 Volkswagen Beetle

Last March, Volkswagen reliable that once a current-generation Beetle runs a course, there won’t be another. It was thought — and hoped, for some VW execs — that a automaker would switch a iconic indication to electric drive, so gripping a brand’s birthright alive while during a same time fulfilling a guarantee to unleash scores of EVs into a marketplace.

Not so, it seems. “Two or 3 generations [of Beetle] is adequate now,â€� pronounced VW RD arch Frank Welsch in an talk with Autocar. “You can’t do it 5 times and have a ‘New New New Beetle.’â€�

Well, that was spring, and this is summer. Apparently, VW hasn’t totally ruled out a lapse of a people’s car. Should a indication theatre a reappearance, however, ready yourself for some blasphemous changes.

According to Autocar, Volkswagen coronet are again mulling a new epoch of Beetle. Perhaps they never stopped. If green-lit by a powers that be, a new indication would allot with a two-door pattern enjoyed by consumers ever given a first KdF-Wagen rolled out of Nazi Germany in 1938. The two-doors-only proposition, joined with a fact that a Beetle is a car, hasn’t helped a model’s recognition in this crossover-fetishizing era.

Naturally, it will also be electric, though we substantially approaching that. Should a automaker beauty us with a new Beetle, you’ll find a underpinnings to be matching to those found underneath a arriving line of I.D. electric vehicles — a product portfolio that includes a latter-day Microbus. Besides regulating a MEB platform, VW competence take advantage of the  electric motor’s compress distance and offshoot one to a back wheels, so returning a Beetle to a expostulate pattern it was innate with.

Newly minted Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess (formerly VW code boss) is penetrating to keep models around that remind people of Volkswagens of yore. He calls them “emotional” models. But before consumers get to suffer those comfortable feelings, there’s high-volume income to be made — and that means cranking out things like a I.D. (due subsequent year) and I.D. Crozz SUV first. The reborn Microbus (called a I.D. Buzz) comes along in 2022.

“Our avocation is to get a volume [ID] models underneath way,” said VW pattern trainer Klaus Bischoff. “These cars have super-complicated record and if we do too much, it’s an overload. Then we [can] pierce into some-more outlandish cars and a margin of emotion.â€�

He added, “The Beetle of currently is a really appealing two-door coupeÌ� or convertible, though it is singular in a volume of cars that it can sell since it’s a niche.” By borrowing a shortest-wheelbase chronicle of a MEB platform, Mischoff pronounced VW should be means to furnish a Beetle with classical dimensions, usually now with some-more interior volume. Four doors are essential for maximizing a utility of that space.

VW redesigned a Beetle for a 2012 indication year, though a torrent in sales didn’t final long. After a post-recession U.S. sales high in 2013, it was down, down, down for a small coupe and convertible. Sales plummeted 41.6 percent, year over year, in May. Total volume over a initial 5 months of 2018 fell 5.5 percent.

[Image: Volkswagen]

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