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Data Shows Tesla Batteries Lose Less Than 10 Percent Capacity during 160,000 Miles

The singular biggest evidence that we come opposite when we speak to people about electric cars always ends adult revolving around a cost of a battery once it no longer sustains a charge. A reasonable regard to have, though interjection to ongoing community-sourced information about Tesla battery trends, a odds of an electric car’s battery outlasting a automobile itself is apropos an eventuality.

A thread on renouned Tesla forum Tesla Motors Club has begun to lane battery plunge over time with a use of community-sourced and tracked data. Using a separate plot, a strenuous worldwide response to a ask for information was means to settle a transparent trend line. In 270,000 kilometers (168,000 miles), a normal battery degraded reduction than 9 percent of a strange capacity. We reached out to Tesla to speak about this data, however, a orator declined to criticism on a data, as it was community-sourced and couldn’t be accurate by a automaker directly.

The normal motorist commutes about 13,476 per year, and information shows that a normal automobile on a highway is 11.5 years old. This brings an normal vehicle’s mileage somewhere around 155,000 miles, give or take a few stragglers above and below. But distinct falling your dollars and cents into maintenance, an electric automobile uses a some-more essential proceed to minimizing costs by tying relocating tools to equivocate dear maintenance.

According to a data, electric cars with identical mileage have utterly a bit of life left, most some-more than a normal automobile on a road. But as a battery continues to degrade, a normal outing length will continue to decrease. Eventually, battery packs will need to be replaced, however, this is doubtful to start before a electric automobile eclipses a use length of a normal gasoline-powered automobile on a road.

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