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Dainese Misano and Cyclone D-air Jackets Now Available in North America

The newest entries in a D-air lineup are a sporty Misano leather coupler and a Cyclone Gore-Tex coupler for competition furloughed avocation along with a full racing suits already available. Both are versed with a D-air complement that works on any bike with no need for tethering. These jackets are intensely modernized and they are not cheap. The Misano carries a cost of $1,699 and a Cyclone will set we behind $1,999. You can get a decent used bike for reduction than those prices, though it’s easy to disagree that these jackets are good value a cost. In a eventuality that we need D-air, you’ll be really blissful we have it.

Also new for 2018 is a Settantadue line that Dainese courteously named “Dainese72” for North America. “Settantadue” means “seventy-two” in Italian imprinting a year Dainese was founded 46 years ago. However we wish to pronounce it, it’s a new subbrand that plays to a fast rising hipster motorcyclist marketplace with aged propagandize designs infused with new propagandize tech and high-quality materials. The Dainese72 line includes jackets, gloves, boots, infrequent wear, and even accessories like keychains and wallets that would be right during home on any of a many retro complicated bikes that are bursting in recognition right now like a Triumph Bonneville, Ducati Scrambler, or Kawasaki Z900RS.

Whether you’re a lane rat, a committed two-wheeled commuter, or an unashamed hipster, Dainese has something new for we for 2018.

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