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Daimler focuses on battery EVs, keeps palm in fuel cells

DETROIT — Daimler is hedging a bets by gripping hydrogen fuel dungeon record in development, even as a German hulk and many of a rest of a attention have shifted concentration to electric vehicles powered by lithium ion batteries.

Daimler introduced a preproduction Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell crossover final year during a Frankfurt automobile show. It combines hydrogen fuel dungeon and battery technologies in a form of a plug-in hybrid removing many of a operation from a fuel dungeon side.

But since flow income into fuel cells when a automaker has pronounced it expects battery electrics to comment for adult to 25 percent of tellurian sales by 2025?

“We will scale, in terms of going into tens and hundreds of thousands of production, a battery-electric vehicles first,” Ola Kaellenius, Daimler house member in assign of rd, pronounced during a Detroit automobile show. “But we will keep a fuel dungeon in development, so we have this technological choice should there be a change in a marketplace in this direction.”

The awaiting for a F-Cell in a U.S. is murky. In September, Mercedes pronounced it designed to sell it here commencement in 2019. But a association orator final week pronounced there is no timeline for a U.S.

Kaellenius termed fuel cells an “interesting record for a future,” generally for incomparable vehicles since they have improved appetite firmness than battery-electric vehicles.

“It’s fathomable that a subsequent era of fuel cells could go into a train instead,” Kaellenius said. “In a winter, heating a train requires a lot of energy, and a multiple between an electric expostulate and a fuel dungeon could be a improved option.”

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