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Czech And Israeli Team To Pitch Advanced L-159 Light Attack Jets To The U.S. Military

There’s no doubt that, during slightest in theory, a L-159 or L-39NG could offer a U.S. troops a cost-effective choice to some-more modernized fight jets in lower-threat environments and giveaway those incomparable aircraft adult for aloft priority missions in those theaters or elsewhere. Combined with a radar with an air-to-ground mode and a sensor turret containing a brew of electro-optical and infrared cameras or an tangible targeting pod, a aircraft could simply control a accumulation of missions, including notice and reconnaissance, armed overwatch, and tighten atmosphere support.

Lightweight pointing guided-munitions, generally a 70mm Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II, or APKWS II, a laser guided rocket, would usually enhance a aircraft’s capabilities and boost a sum series of targets it could rivet during a singular mission. Self-defense suites mixing sensors to advise a organisation of incoming threats joined with dispensers means to glow fake flares and deride could give a aircraft additional insurance opposite man-portable and other short-range atmosphere invulnerability systems.

Giordo believes these self-protection facilities make a L-159, in particular, a improved choice for a Air Force and Marine Corps compared to armed turboprop planes. The Air Force is currently experimenting with Embraer and SNC’s A-29 Super Tucano and Textron’s AT-6C Wolverine and a Marines have voiced seductiveness in appropriation a identical form of aircraft in a past.

The Air Force “cannot means a risk of drifting with turboprops,” he pronounced during a press call. “We do trust that U.S. pilots need to have a best resources in tighten atmosphere support missions.”

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