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Could we be slapped with a £100 excellent and THREE chastisement points for being guilty of these bad pushing habits?

MORE than half of British motorists acknowledge to frequently indulging in bad habits behind a wheel.

And their drifting pushing could land them a £100 excellent and 3 chastisement points if caught.

 Drivers can be fined for eating behind a wheel
Drivers can be fined for eating behind a wheel

Two-thirds of drivers certified to being dreaming by doing their makeup, checking out other drivers and eating breakfast in a car.

While many are not definite offences, military can use them as reasons to slap we with a driving without due caring and courtesy fine.

And worryingly, information from HPI Check found that distant too many of us could be probable for the permit – though that are we guilty of?

Research suggested 31 per cent of drivers splash their morning decoction during their commute, while 16 per cent also eat their breakfast.

Just underneath a third of motorists also acknowledge to holding their eyes off a highway to check someone out, and around a fifth pronounced they have attempted to strech for something behind a chair while steering.

Shockingly, 8 per cent of motorists also contend they’ve surfaced adult makeup while in a driver’s seat, that would positively lift a drifting pushing chastisement if speckled by police.

But it seems not all drivers are wholly honest about their guilt, as 48 per cent pronounced they had witnessed someone else putting on their make up, and a serve 58 per cent had seen another motorist with a coffee in hand.

While drivers competence be given a Fixed Penalty Notice if held for any of these bad habits, if we were to means an collision since we were dreaming from a road, we could face critical punishment.

CASH COURSE What are your bad pushing habits? These elementary mistakes cost Brits adult to £5,000 in automobile correct bills

If your drifting pushing corruption is deemed critical (e.g. if we have involved other drivers or pedestrians, or caused an accident), we will automatically be summoned to court.

In court, a limit chastisement we could face for drifting pushing alone is 9 points on your looseness and a £5,000 excellent – or we could be unfit from pushing altogether.

Fernando Garcia, consumer selling executive during HPI, said: “It is shocking to see both a volume of people revelation to these dangerous pushing habits and a operation that people do on a road.

“What also stood out to us is a younger era who are revelation to regulating trade lights as a possibility for video party from their phones, even with such critical consequences and enforced tighter laws.

“Whilst some of these habits competence pass as trivial, such as holding a cloak off mid-drive, is also critical to remember a inauspicious outcome this could means both to a motorist and other highway users.”

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