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Chevy Corvette ZR1 Bites GM Exec during Detroit IndyCar Race

As this video shows, Reuss was minding his possess business, enjoying a poetic empty note of a ZR1, when a multiple of a slight strike and a design during a exit of spin dual dissapoint a ‘Vette and prompted some critical oversteer. 

After sitting during turns one and dual all weekend prolonged during Belle Isle, we can demonstrate that a bumps are furious adequate to pull a best of suspensions to their maximum. In a nutshell, Reuss didn’t mount a chance. 

With 755 horsepower, a 2019 ZR1 is a fastest Corvette ever constructed by a folks during Bowling Green. Even with a large back wing and intercut bodywork, this goes to uncover that no volume of downforce and no computerized nannies can save we from a laws of physics. 

Too most energy and small grip, and dilettante driver, equals an annoying impulse on T.V. 

Update: Reuss is in good health did not humour any injuries, though a airbags deployed due to a perfect force of a impact. IndyCar maestro Oriol Servia will get behind a circle of a backup ZR1 for a residue of a race.

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