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Buy/Drive/Burn: Affordable Convertibles From 2005

This book of Buy/Drive/Burn was desirous by a comments some of we left on a new QOTD Crapwagon Garage post on coupes. Though roadsters and convertibles were off boundary there, a review incited to them wistfully. Don’t worry, automobile week is coming.

In a meantime, we’ve got a ragtop from 2005 to burn. Which one will it be?

About a decade ago, consumers had some-more choice for fun and affordable ragtop rides than they do today. Even with a despotic cost extent during $25,000, fun in a object was yours for a taking. One of today’s contenders even has a engine in a middle.

Mazda Miata LS

It’s a one we knew would be here for sure. 2005 was a final indication year for a second era (NB) Miata, as a elementary roadster was transposed by a incomparable and some-more dull NC generation. Always a value leader, both a bottom and up-level LS trims came with a 1.8-liter inline-four producing 142 horsepower. All those horses go to a back wheels around a five-speed manual. The LS trim netted buyers a 6 orator Bose stereo, journey control, and leather seats. Yours for $24,903.

Ford Mustang V6 Premium

The peculiar male out in a affordable trio, a Ford Mustang gives most some-more distance and energy than a other entrants, during a responsibility of fuel economy and additional weight. The fifth era Mustang was code new for a 2005 indication year, and one can simply remember how a chunky, retro styling was all a rage. The Premium trim was one turn adult from simple Deluxe, though had a same 4.0 perfume V6 and five-speed primer transmission. 210 horsepower was found underfoot, and Premium trims gained a energy motorist chair and upgraded stereo. This hack automobile asked only $24,815.

Toyota MR2

The roadster era everybody forgets, a final MR2 showed adult for a final time during North American Toyota dealers in 2005. Two opposite trims were differentiated by a primer delivery offered: customary five-speed on a reduce end, or a reward labelled six-speed auto-manual. The 1.8-liter engine constructed 138 horsepower in a lightweight cabriolet. The five-speed chronicle (today’s choice) did but journey control, steel trim on a change knob, or satellite controls on a steering wheel. This final possibility MR2-nity (ugh) asked $25,145.

Which one gets a Buy and that one Burns?

[Images: Mazda, Ford, Toyota]

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