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Book Review: F1 in Montreal: from Villeneuve to Hamilton

There have usually been a few books created about a Grand Prix du Canada, that is holding place this weekend during Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve on Ilse Notre-Dame in Montreal.

In his 1970 book, Challenge, a late Len Coates told a story of a initial few Grands Prix hold during what was afterwards Mosport Park in Ontario and during Le Circuit-Mont Tremblant in Quebec. Prof. David Charters of a University of New Brunswick, in his 2007 book, Our Chequered Past, also took a demeanour behind during them.

By distant a many consummate stating of a initial 16 Canadian Grand Prix races, commencement with a initial one in 1967 and stability by a competition in 1983 (there wasn’t one hold in 1975) was by Gerald Donaldson in his 1984 book, The Grand Prix of Canada. Now, when we contend thorough, we meant thorough.

Donaldson’s poetry brings a races alive. The photographs — some of them, anyway — are stunning. No fact or figure is abandoned — there are entrance lists, subordinate results, path charts, competition results, deteriorate points standings surfaced off by any year’s universe champion and so-on.

To my knowledge, Donaldson has never finished another book privately about a Canadian GP though he’s created about dual dozen others traffic with Formula One and Grand Prix racing and any (with a exception, perhaps, of his autobiography of Juan Manuel Fangio) includes information about Canada.

My reason for essay this sold mainstay on his sold weekend, however, is given there is now a fourth book to supplement to this list. This sold Grand Prix outlines a 40th anniversary of a Canadian Grand Prix being hold in Montreal and a book of about 300 photographs with content in both of Canada’s central languages has been published in time for a celebration.

Entitled F1 in Montreal: from Villeneuve to Hamilton, a Grands Prix are seen by a lens of photographer Bernard Brault, with content by Normand Prieur and a brazen by Ross Brawn. It is published by Québec Amérique and accessible during book stores and online.

Brault is an award-winning photographer who now works for a Montreal daily La Presse. He was usually starting his career in 1978 when his internal weekly paper, Le Courier du Sud, reserved him to sketch a initial Grand Prix to be hold on Ilse Notre Dame. He’s worked each competition given and has done and filed divided some-more than 100,000 photos.

I initial met Normand Prieur during a Yorkville grill in 2009, a year that Francois Dumontier took over from Normand Legault as boss and CEO of a Grand Prix. Dumontier was penetrating to accommodate a Toronto media to stress that a GP belonged to all Canadians, not usually a people of Montreal. Prieur is a good man who went on to hoop PR for a race, act as inhabitant press officer for a few years and be handling editor of a competition program. He is now in semi-retirement and consults for a Grand Prix.

In a long-distance write review a other day, we asked Normand how this new book came about.

“Last October, Francois Dumontier asked some media to come to Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve for a promotion,” he said. “Oct. 8 was a anniversary of Gilles Villeneuve’s initial F1 feat in 1978 and there has been a aphorism on a cement during a start/finish line, ‘Salut Gilles!’ and they had added, ‘Quarante ans!’ So it was ‘Salut Gilles, 40 years,’ and a graduation was that we could buy a General Admission sheet for $19.78. It was there that we ran into Bernard Brault.”

So Brault and Prieur got to articulate and after a photographer mentioned that he’d been benefaction for that initial competition in 1978, Prieur suggested he competence be a usually photographer who had been accredited for all a GPs since.

“He has zillions of photos during home,” Prieur said, “so we said, ‘You should do a book,’ and he said, ‘Why don’t we do a text? We could select a cinema together.’ we did a summary of what we had designed and 3 Montreal edition houses showed interest. Québec Amérique came with a best offer and a 280-page book came off a press May 15. We’re happy and we’re proud. It’s a good piece.”

Prieur pronounced he asked his detailed partner to do some pre-selecting and afterwards “we went by about 10,000 photos to get a 300 that are in a book. We didn’t argue; we didn’t have disagreements. We were means to determine on everything.”

I asked Prieur for his favourite Grand Prix memories among races that featured mythological F1 drivers like Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell and he pronounced he had four.

“Like each Quebec kid, we was anxious when Gilles Villeneuve won that initial competition in Montreal in ’78. we saw it on TV and when he won, it was utterly something. Nobody approaching it — Ferrari weren’t quite clever that year and Gilles had a lot of guarantee though he hadn’t delivered. It was a warn though a best surprise.

“Then, in 1995, when Jean Alesi won. It was also an astonishing feat though really renouned given he was a man that Quebec fans loved. It wasn’t usually that he gathering for Ferrari and had Gilles’ series (27). He was French and he spoke with that humorous southern France accent; he was from Provence. As Quebecers, we were treated for a initial 10 years by all a French drivers who came to competition in Montreal. There was Alain Prost, and Patrick Tambay, Rene Arnoux, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Jean-Pierre Jarier and Alesi. It was a really romantic impulse when he won. People invaded a lane and a back-markers finishing a final path had to wobble their approach by a people on a circuit.

“The initial year of Jacques Villeneuve was 1996. The categorical thing we remember from that year — other than him finishing second in a competition — was a press discussion during a Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It was his initial coming in Montreal as a Formula One motorist and it was a really eventful time.

“Last, in 2007, Lewis Hamilton won his really initial Grand Prix, here in Montreal. He had been tighten in prior races, though he hadn’t won yet. All a stories were about him. we told my striking engineer to ready dual journal ads. If he won in Monaco (the final GP before Canada), a ad would say, ‘He will do it again in Montreal.’ If he didn’t win in Monaco, a ad would say, ‘It will occur in Montreal.’ So that’s what a ad said, ‘It will happen.’ And do we know what? It did happen.”

Prieur will be entertaining for Hamilton to win again when a Grand Prix goes to a post tomorrow (he’s won a final 3 Canadians GPs). Not indispensably given of a book, though given if he’s successful, he would tie Michael Schumacher for many Canadian Grand Prix wins by one driver: seven.

“And afterwards subsequent year, he could go for a record,” pronounced Normand Prieur, already meditative about ways he could advise for a Grand Prix organizers to ventilate and foster that intensity accomplishment.

By a way, F1 in Montreal: from Villeneuve to Hamilton, retails for $39.95. I’ve seen an allege duplicate and a photos are pretentious and a content is sharp-witted and informative. we advise it’s value each penny.

Grand Prix du CanadaGrand Prix du Canada

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