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BMW M2 M Performance Parts Concept Hits Goodwood Festival of Speed

While aged propagandize BMW enthusiasts adore to impugn their favorite code for spoiling itself with electronic steering and sacrificing fun for technology, proponents of other automakers claim Bavarian Motor Works has prosaic out busted itself. However, a law of a matter is that BMW still offers an array of suburb opening vehicles that many still find rarely desirable — generally if their name starts with a minute M.

Even if a code can’t use “The Ultimate Driving Machine” utterly so liberally in 2018, it would be an untruth to advise a M multiplication is ignoring a well-heeled fan community. But it doesn’t harm to have a earthy reminder, so BMW sent a rolling instance of its motorsport catalog to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The “M Performance Parts Concept” is formed on a poetic small M2, that was recently transposed by a some-more hardcore M2 Competition, and serves as a sign that a German automaker has a genuine seductiveness in building rarely efficient performers — and will assistance we take them to a subsequent turn for a fee. 

We like these kinds of judgment vehicles since they paint something tangible. Whimsy is nice, generally if it helps pull by new technologies and overwhelming designs. But a magnitude during that those vehicles enter into a genuine universe is singular and we have to wait years before saying a watered-down prolongation version. Meanwhile, the M Performance Parts Concept is of a now and formed on a indication that now exists. You could possess one if we so desired.

While somewhat showy, a infancy of a M Performance enhancements on a M2 are focused on saving weight. According to BMW, a judgment is 132 pounds lighter than a batch M2 interjection to an contentment of CO fiber.  The grille, hood, roof, case lid, side mirrors, back diffuser, vents, and aero winglets have all been transposed regulating lighter materials. Under normal resources a barter would outcome in an impossibly confidant two-tone affair, though BMW motionless to paint a coupe in CO black — assisting to facade a changes.

The wheels are also lighter. BMW replaced a customary M2 alloys for a set of 19-inch M Performance hoops in “frozen gold” that weigh 13 pounds less. New seats save roughly 20 lbs while a featherweight lithium-ion battery shaves off another 31.

Despite a concept’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter powerplant going untouched, BMW did see fit to ascent a suspension. Its M Performance coilovers can be lowered by 20mm and come with tractable application (12 stages) and miscarry (16 stages).

While a dark bullion trim accenting a car’s interior and extraneous might need some DIY, a rest of a products are already on offer around BMW’s Performance Parts catalog — most of it accessible for retrofitting. Of course, these enhancements aren’t singular to a M2, either. The code will happily offshoot adult any car with whatever tools it has in stock.

[Images: BMW]


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