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BMW Continues Teasing a Crap Out of Returning 8 Series, Sets Date for Debut

BMW is still banging a drum for a arriving 8 Series, that is understandable. Resurrecting a flagship coupe is large news for a code and a indication has been hotly expected given a judgment automobile seemed at 2017’s Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach. Unfortunately, camouflaged prototypes (below) uncover a pre-production chronicle hosting some watered-down styling. While somewhat disappointing, it’s distinct that BMW would wandering from a impracticable folds of a judgment car.

This week, a association gave us a best demeanour to date of a returning model, along with an proclamation saying a automaker will lapse to a 24 Hours of Le Mans for a initial time given 2011 — where it skeleton to premiere a 8 Series coupe. We already have a flattering good thought of what to expect. 

On Jun 15th, as a M8 GTE preps for a race, a road-legal M850i XDrive creates a initial open appearance. Based on teaser shots, a prolongation indication looks matching to a kindly sheltered exam mules paraded by a brand. Despite being partially vaporous by a competition automobile and some blurring, a 8 Series’ prolonged nose and aggressively swept-back tail sojourn visible.

Said to residence a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 with 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque, the M850i XDrive friends a beefed-up engine to an eight-speed automatic. Meanwhile, customary adaptive suspension, torque vectoring, and four-wheel steering should assistance to keep a all-wheel expostulate coupe efficient in a corners.

The regulation should make for an artistic grand tourer, though a opening heavenly will fundamentally be a M8, slated for a after phenomenon — as good as sedan and automobile bodystyles.

This doesn’t meant the 850i won’t be sensational. The initial specs demeanour rarely earnest and only a sound of a prototype’s V8 was adequate to make many of us salivate. We only wish a looks aren’t as disciplined as they seem in a teasers. Maybe a aged 8 Series’ flip-up headlights and crowd pattern set a bar too high, though a new 8 Series doesn’t seem like it will mount out opposite a rest of a brand’s lineup in a same demeanour as a aged car.

[Images: BMW]

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