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Best Project Car of 2017: Volkswagen Jetta Smyth Performance Ute

Less than a year ago, my mother and we picked adult a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition for only $600. Sure, it ran a small severe and had a few dents, not to discuss adequate miles to have left to a moon. But we saw a intensity in it for a plan I’d had my eye on for years: a Smyth Performance Ute kit. After pushing one during a internal SCCA rallycross we favourite it so most we had to build one of my own.

We’ve taken we along for a float as a plan has progressed during a year. Here’s what we’ve finished so far.

  • I perceived my pack in late May. We began by display we what’s enclosed in a pack before any work began.
  • Then we nude a behind half of a car. Seats, case interior trim, case lid, tail lights… It all had to go.
  • Once nude to unclothed metal, it was time to magnitude where we would cut a tip behind entertain off a car.
  • I committed and cut adult a car.
  • With a small assistance from my stepson, we began riveting and bolting on a bed and other constructional components.
  • I combined a trailer join and connected adult a new tail lights.
  • Bodywork began, yet we used a Jetta to take out a rabble during a process.
  • Once a new side and behind physique panels were attached, it was time for a exam drive.
  • I screwed adult installing a behind window yet held my mistake before it was too late.
  • With all vital components attached, we changed on to sum like installing a ham radio, third stop light, tailgate badge, and some-more bodywork.
  • I started pushing a Ute frequently and had a roadside contention with internal law coercion about it.
  • Though a aluminum bed won’t decay we sprayed it with bed ship and commissioned a functioning stereo.
  • I upgraded a terrible batch headlights and finished portrayal a whole automobile in black primer.

That is where we left a story in October. Then a empty pennyless in half, so we took it to my friend’s emporium to reinstate it, as good as diagnose because a engine is using so rough. That is where it sits now.

We’re distant from finished with this project, though. The cold temperatures of a New England winter now forestall me from doing any vital bodywork, yet there is copiousness left to do to make a Ute demeanour good instead of something out of Mad Max. we intend to lift a float tallness for mud cheap, hillside from 16- to 15-inch wheels, and supplement some some-more assertive tires.

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