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Best of a Best: The Ferrari 812 Superfast More than Lives Up to Its Name

“Fastest and many powerful” appears to be a mantra among high-end automakers this year. Ferrari’s 812 Superfast, powered by a 6.5-liter, naturally aspirated V-12, assumes that lofty position in a Maranello stable. And a 789 hp prancing equine positively lives adult to a name with a tip speed of 211 mph. A few things mount out when looking during a specs, generally a “naturally aspirated” partial of a initiation equation, if for no other reason than a fact that so few engines sojourn as pure. Indeed, many each manufacturer—Ferrari included—has embraced forced initiation as a many judicious resolution to gaining power, fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and lighter weight (as a outcome of smaller-displacement engines). And while turbos and superchargers have their transparent advantages on paper, there sojourn tangible, seat-of-the-pants advantages to a big, air-gulping V12 that “don’t need no steenkin’ turbochargers” to move energy on fast, tough and high adult into a energy band. Savor it while we can—engines delivering this kind of pure, seamless energy won’t be on a menu forever.

In a same suggestion as Ferrari GTs going behind to a early 1950s, a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive 812 is as polished and lush as it is absurdly discerning and capable. Electronic energy steering, captivating shocks, and rear-wheel steering assist nimble handling, while a agreeable float reminds one that a 812 is done for genuine grand furloughed over prolonged stretches of curving roads or highway. High-achieving automobiles like a 812 make it all seem so effortless, yet a fact that few can perform as good speaks volumes about what creates a Ferrari so special.

Like a F12berlinetta predecessor, a 812 is an practice in calm good taste. All of a curves and creases have a purpose, channeling airflow and optimizing aerodynamics but a visible impediment of spoilers and additional physique parts. Like a blue blazer or small black dress, a 812 cuts a classical profile, with no need to shout, “look during me.” The outcome is a pristine form, one that is as undying as a GT judgment so artfully illusory by a Italians decades ago. It’s labelled from $335,275.

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