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Best Cars of a Ferrari Museum: Photos of Ferrari F1 Legends and Classic Road Cars

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Ferrari is one of automobilia’s many storied brands. So it creates a certain clarity that there are dual Ferrari museums located circuitously a automaker’s mythological home. One is a chronological jubilee of a brand, located adjacent to Ferrari’s bureau in Maranello, Italy; a other, in circuitously Modena, is some-more a jubilee of Enzo Ferrari: a man, a myth, a legend.

We took a debate of Museo Ferrari Maranello before we conducted a First Drive of a prolongation indication of a new 488 Pista. Here are a highlights from that visit.

Want to see photos of classical Ferrari highway cars? Check out a Ferrari photos during a finish of this story

Formula 1 tabernacle (from right to left):

1951 Ferrari 500 F2

2.0-liter I-4, 185 hp @ 7,500 rpm

Ferrari’s initial F1 title-winner in 1952, it won again in 1953 with Alberto Ascari behind a circle for 6 of a 7 GP wins (Piero Taruffi won a other, for a purify brush of all 7 races). The engine was designed in one day.


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1955 Ferrari D50

2.5-liter V-8, 365 hp @ 8,000 rpm

Using many borrowed gangling tools from a late Lancia racing effort, Ferrari operative Vittorio Jano combined a front-mounted V-8 engine, diagonally mounted with outmost tanks behaving as circle fairings for aerodynamics. Although it was fast with a full tank, it was a savage as a tank emptied—requiring a skills of Juan Manuel Fangio to commander it to a championship.

1958 Ferrari 246 F1

2.4-liter V-6, 280 hp @ 8,500 rpm

Mike Hawthorn took a championship by winning a French GP and notching countless second places, circumference Stirling Moss. Another Jano design, a 246 F1 ran with a tubular framework and was a initial Ferrari to have front scrolled springs instead of a normal root springs. As a deteriorate came to a close, front brakes done their initial appearance.

1963 Ferrari 156 F1-63

1.5-liter V-6, 205 hp @ 10,500 rpm

First appearances of Bosch approach injection and magnesium/zirconium amalgamate wheels, a 156 rode on a tubular-steel gazebo chassis. Piloted by motorcycle champion John Surtees. Precursor to a 158 that won a F1 championship with Surtees.

1980 Ferrari 126 CK

1.5-liter V-6, 540 hp @ 11,000 rpm

Its hulk flanks contained feverishness exchangers to assistance cold a twin turbos mounted atop a 120-degree V, though trustworthiness issues kept it from winning a title, notwithstanding wins by Gilles Villeneuve during Monaco and Jarama.

1985 Ferrari 156-85

1.5-liter V-6, 780 hp @ 11,000 rpm

The initial wholly CAD/CAM Ferrari. The mechanism motionless it was improved for a motorist to be seated most serve brazen than tradition held; it also extended a wheelbase, fixation radiators longitudinally, and used large circle hubs. Putting out some-more than 800 hp in tests, a engine had executive intakes and side exhausts. Michele Alboreto came in second in a championship that year.

1990 Ferrari F1-90

3.5-liter V-12, 680 hp @ 12,750 rpm

Showcasing a expansion of Ferrari’s semi-automatic gearbox, this automobile used rockers behind a circle instead of a gearshift lever. Using a energetic atmosphere intake and lightened rotating tools authorised a engine to rev higher, though during a cost of increasing fuel consumption. Again, it was a second-place finisher in a championship, notwithstanding 5 wins from Alain Prost as he chased a McLaren-Honda of Ayrton Senna.

2004 Ferrari F2004

3.0-liter V-10, 865 hp @ 18,300 rpm

The winningest Ferrari ever, piloted by Michael Schumacher, had an engine that weighed only 200 pounds. Originally recognised as a subordinate automobile with visit array stops, a F2004 ran really prohibited and compulsory a delivery with a titanium-fusion box surrounded by a CO skin to strengthen it from a withering empty gases entrance from a chimneys.

Other Classic Ferraris during a Museo Ferrari Maranello

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