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Bentley Offers New Open-Pore Walnut Veneer

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What do we call nuts on a wall? Walnuts. What do we call walnut in a Bentley? Simply divine. Bentley and a special car division, Mulliner, offer a new classical timber veneer for interiors of a Bentayga, Flying Spur, and Mulsanne called open-pore walnut.

The timber is sourced from an unusual tree form that combines European Walnut and American Walnut, according to Bentley.

The particular trees are secure mostly in California, and Bentley’s timber specialists revisit frequently to pledge usually a best peculiarity walnut veneers are selected.


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A domestic finish is finalized during Bentley HQ in Crewe, England. This improves a vast pore structure to display a absolute dim coloring of a wood.

Bentley uses specific materials to do so, and a domestic routine helps safeguard business can feel a wood.

The open-pore walnut veneer is afterwards embellished with 3 ultra-thin layers of lacquer, together amounting to only 0.1mm thick. To put that into perspective, Bentley’s high-gloss lacquer cloaking is 0.5mm thick and has a glossy, well-spoken finish. Each covering is practical by palm and sanded between applications, of course.

Source: Bentley

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