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Bentley Mulsanne W.O Edition pays loyalty to founder’s 1930 8 Litre

Bentley has suggested a special, limited-run chronicle of a Mulsanne flagship called a W.O Edition, that pays loyalty to a personal automobile of a founder, Walter Owen Bentley.

The Mulsanne W.O Edition is being constructed in adult to 100 examples by Bentley’s coachbuilding division, Mulliner, and facilities several singular tools that are nods to a pattern of a association founder’s 1930 8 Litre grand tourer.

As a final automobile Walter Owen Bentley designed and used personally, a 8 Litre churned a black-on-black extraneous thesis with an ultra-luxurious, wood-trimmed interior. This has been copied in a new car, that is finished in Onyx paint with black wheels and features a bespoke interior embellished in leather and wood.

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The new flagship special edition, that can be specified in standard, Speed or Extended Wheelbase form, gets 4 timber forms inside, as good as aluminium trim. The founder’s signature is also embossed on a headrests of a seats, that are wrapped in Bentley’s Fireglow and Beluga hides.

There are lamb’s nap rugs, potion tumblers and remoteness curtains to impersonate a lush designs seen in cabins of a 1930s. These are matched by a cocktail cupboard that facilities a arrangement with a crankshaft of a founder’s 8 Litre (see gallery), that was rebuilt behind in 2006 when it was bought behind by Bentley.

No changes have been done to a Mulsanne’s engine, that is a 6.75-litre turbocharged V8 that offers 505bhp (the Speed variant has 530bhp) and can accelerate a automobile from 0-62mph in 5.3sec (while a Speed takes 4.9sec).

Pricing for a special-edition models will be singular to any car, though given their rareness and level of customisation, design a really healthy boost on a customary car’s £229,360 starting price. It’ll make a open entrance during a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August.

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