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Award-Winning 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial Heads to Pebble Beach Auction

An automotive homogeneous of biblical Job, a 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial owned by late Rear Admiral Robert Phillips has gifted renown, ruin, and finally a lapse to glory.

One of usually 8 examples done of a four-cylinder model, a vehicle premiered during a 1955 Grand Prix of Paris and went on to contest in countless motorsport contests, including a 1955 Grand Prix of Venezuela where it won initial in category and fifth overall.

Unfortunately, it was eventually left to languish in storage during a Rambler dealership in Richmond, Calif. It is there that Phillips—then rising by a ranks of a U.S. Navy—found it in 1960.

“Here was this mess, dirty and lonesome with mud,” says a admiral. “I grabbed a broom off a emporium floor, wiped a engine’s valve cover, and saw ‘Ferrari.’ we had to save it.” After spending $2,200 (two-thirds of his annual income during a time), he worked on a racer by palm for 9 months, and a vehicle shortly meant distant some-more than a provenance or prancing equine pedigree. It became family.

Ferrari 500 Mondial

Robert Phillips pushing a 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial 
Photo: James Lipman

“My mom called it her initial grandchild, since of a rehearsal period, and my son refers to it as a sibling,” Phillips says. In 2008, after an eight-year replacement conducted by dilettante David Carte, a Mondial was named excellent Ferrari in a margin during a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The acclaimed vehicle will be behind during Pebble this month, though a lapse is bittersweet. The admiral, now 82 years old, is prepared to relinquish a roadster during a concours’s central Gooding Company auction, where it’s estimated to fetch as most as $7.5 million.

Ferrari 500 Mondial

Ferrari 500 Mondial 

“We always inspect a car’s history, originality, and condition before deliberation representation,” says Gooding Company owner David Gooding. “The smashing thing about this one is that it checks all a boxes beautifully. We see it as a good responsibility, privilege, and pleasure to find a subsequent caretaker for this car.”

When asked what he hopes for a Ferrari’s future, Phillips is emphatic: “Sitting on a museum stand—or in a private collection that nobody gets to see—is not where this vehicle belongs. It needs to go to someone who will expostulate it, uncover it, and speak about it.”

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