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Auto move; Car for taxi; Vehicle for a wheelchair; Larger model; Splashing out

Would a increasing using petrol costs be fit for a improved resale value later? we only have a feeling that in 3 years a cost of diesels will be a lot reduce than petrols. Or would it be smarter to wait a year and buy a diesel during a knockdown price, if a prices continue to drop? Also what are your views on importing from a UK – seems we could buy identical and have it privileged for about 20pc reduction than shopping here?

Gillian: Really, there is no need or advantage to watchful – 15/20,000km pushing wouldn’t order out a petrol or diesel though a models we unequivocally like, and we like too, are diesels in a stream used market.

There’s no doubt diesels are starting to come underneath vigour from petrol and variety though if we are looking to trade adult again in 3 years we wouldn’t get bogged down, generally for a models you’re looking at.

As for going to a UK, Audi and BMW tend to be somewhat improved specced though there is some-more cost and highlight concerned than going to your internal dealer. In my knowledge a income we competence save (and a sum saving won’t be anywhere tighten to 20pc when all costs are considered) only isn’t value it.

Eddie: BMW 420d would only poke a Audi A5 for me. It’s a tighten call. Two poetic cars. Your mileage suggests you’d only about get divided with petrol though that’s a poetic diesel in a Beemer. Enjoy.

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