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Audi A6 2018 UK review

Audi could, were it so inclined, build a tavern each bit as appealing from behind a circle as a BMW 5 Series, yet it chooses to quarrel on a opposite front and spend a growth bill elsewhere. As ever with a A6, a immeasurable partial of that ‘elsewhere’ is rolling refinement.

Worrying, then, that satisfaction isn’t a given. The bulk of entry-level 40 TDI cars (note, these are usually accessible in front-wheel-drive configuration) will use a pacifist cessation setup that’s customary on both Sport and S Line models. In a interests of physique control and – we shouldn’t fake differently – kerbside stance, on S Line versions a steel springs are 20mm shorter. We quickly attempted such a automobile and while a ensuing float is simply taut, on British roads it was also too busy, too many of a time for a limousine of this ilk.

You can supplement some adaptive functionality to a dampers for an additional £1150 – we haven’t tested these yet, yet it’s expected a Comfort environment would urge matters – yet a infancy of 50 TDI models will be systematic with £2050 adaptive atmosphere suspension.

It’s an costly choice yet with it this quattro framework improved mops adult all from a perma-jostle of corrugated B-roads to a gentler, low-frequency motorway undulations. Severe impacts from potholes and a like can announce themselves with something of a ‘thwack’ and a pneumatic springs serve dull a motorist from what’s function down during highway level, yet a booster slip immeasurable Audis are famous for is benefaction and correct.

In fact a A6 rides beautifully on a atmosphere springs, gently fresh a physique over peaks, by troughs and facing good a arrange of representation and hurl movements that can simply overcome a 1900kg saloon.

Less convincing is a £1950 Dynamic all-wheel steering, that positively gives a really immeasurable automobile surprisingly lively by slower, tighter bends yet to such an border that it can feel utterly unnatural. City-dwellers will like it yet we would happily do yet a need breeze off close unexpectedly. Moreover, it does zero to inform a pushing experience.

You competence put a income ‘saved’ towards carrying a V6 TDI in a car’s engine bay, as against to a smaller, some-more typical four-cylinder sibling.

This unit’s turbochargers abruptly incite usually bashful of 2000rpm, yet from thereon until a distant side of 4000rpm there’s free ground force interjection to rise outputs of 457lb ft, that is zero brief of vast, and a healthy 282bhp. It’s adequate to transport a 50 TDI framework – longer, wider and taller than before – to 62mph in 5.5sec. That’s significantly quicker than a 8.1sec of a 40 TDI yet a shade slower than rivals from BMW and Mercedes. On a move, speed nevertheless accrues during an shocking rate, and in rebellious fashion.

But opening is usually a tiny partial of it. The incomparable Audi engine is tremendously good mannered, remaining roughly stammering during a cruise, yet it wouldn’t provoke a ears even were it not. Meanwhile a eight-speed involuntary delivery is sharp many of a time yet can spasmodic hiccup during city speeds. On open roads there’s hardly a mangle in a flow.

Except when you’re in a car’s many careful mode, that is, when there is a really clear mangle in a flow. This is since a 48-volt complement allows a engine to close down totally if it’s not indispensable for a several moments, and afterwards reignite when a stifle is depressed. It’s a simply calibrated routine that doesn’t frustrate, and helped the exam automobile grasp a furloughed economy coming 50mpg.

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