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Aston Martin’s Valkyrie is a ‘marketing tool’ for volume mid-engine supercar

Aston Martin‘s Valkyrie hypercar is “first and inaugural […] a selling tool,” a company’s CEO Andy Palmer pronounced in a new interview, meant to stir adult a marketplace for a stirring volume-production mid-engined supercar.

“It won’t remove money, yet it was never designed to be a large income generator, since we are usually creation 150 of them,” Palmer told Automotive News Europe. “That is a purpose of a mid-engine Ferrari 488 competitor. You can perspective a Valkyrie as allege selling spend.”

It’s not odd for limited-production flagships or halo cars, as costly as they are, to indeed cost an automaker some-more than they make on them, simply since a engineering costs are so high and a sales volumes so low.

The British code has a long, unapproachable story of building competition cars and sports cars, yet had never built a mid-engine automobile before to Valkyrie; before bringing a Lamborghini-, McLaren- and Ferrari-fighting supercar to customers, it motionless to erect a limited-run hypercar as a arrange of proof-of-concept.

The initial deliveries of a long-awaited Valkyrie – all 150 of that have been oral for – start subsequent year, with this unnamed volume mid-engined automobile set to entrance a year after.

Little is famous about a mid-engined supercar, yet Palmer has pronounced nothing of his brand’s stream engines make adequate energy for a poser model, and that Aston Martin might strech out to partner AMG or another identical automaker to supply it a drivetrain for a car. He’d formerly pronounced a engine would be a V6, which, being smaller, would offer improved wrapping options.

Aston Martin also has a DBX SUV in a works, and is rising a Lagonda unconstrained oppulance sub-brand with an SUV and sedan set to come out 2021.

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