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As Sales Begin, a Nissan Kicks Will Be an Interesting Vehicle to Watch

Some of we competence have examination a first-drive examination of a subcompact Nissan Kicks out of elementary curiosity, meaningful that a automobile would never find a proceed into your driveway. And that’s fine.

For myself and others, a Kicks binds some-more seductiveness simply since of what it is — a lightweight, unpretentious, fuel fit further to a crossover space with a really low starting price. Low adequate to offer as an effective choice to frugal compress or subcompact automobile buyers. North of a border, that entrance cost ($17,998, 8 bucks some-more than U.S. MSRP) is 4 grand reduction than a base, front-drive, three-cylinder Ford EcoSport. In a States, it’s dual grand less.

With a front-drive-only Kicks now accessible in both countries, a sales opening will be engaging to watch. Actually, it already is.

The initial U.S. Kicks sales showed adult on Nissan’s bill in June — 563 of them. Just how high a model’s volume will strech in a entrance months stays to be seen; keep in mind that Nissan sole over 37,000 Rogues and scarcely 27,000 Altimas final month.

In Canada however, a Kicks seems to have gotten an progressing start. Nissan Canada accessible 6 Kicks sales in May, maybe on a final offered day of a month, though it’s June’s opening that gave your author pause. When it debuted, we surmised that this indication would, in many cases, pitch low-end Nissan buyers from a automobile to a crossover. We’re some-more heavily taxed adult here, and fuel prices are scarcely double that of a United States. But we adore light trucks only as most as a Americans, if not more.

2018 Nissan Kicks, Image: Nissan

In June, a initial full month of Kicks sales, Nissan Canada unloaded 609 of a small crossovers. For comparison, a automaker also sole 612 Altimas, 159 Maximas, 688 Versa Notes, 618 Pathfinders, 377 Frontiers, and 684 Titans final month. While one month isn’t most to go on, it’s comical to see a Kicks proceed a EcoSport’s volume so fast (the EcoSport went on sale during a commencement of a year, offered 641 units in Canada in May. Jun total sojourn unavailable).

How many C-HRs did Toyota Canada sell in June? 679. Other Japanese subcompact rivals had a improved month, as both a Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3 posted numbers good in additional of 1,000 units. Again, it stays to be seen if a Kicks’ discount tender earns it a mark in a top row of a segment, generally in a marketplace where accessible all-wheel expostulate is a norm, and with good reason. For would-be Versa and Sentra buyers, however, that blank back differential competence not matter in a least.

[Images: Nissan]

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