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A 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Tears adult an Old Rock Quarry

An Illinois male going by a name of Jack Lumber recently filmed himself slinging a 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS around a sand and sand roads of a stone quarry. He edited a footage to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and put it adult on YouTube for us all to enjoy.

The video is patrician “Ode to Tax a Rich,” referring to a now-inactive YouTube channel TaxtheRich100. The channel gained a estimable following for uploading footage of unequivocally costly cars behaving stunts on an English plantation property. Its biggest video featured a multi-million Ferrari Enzo shifting by sand during high speed. Another had dual F50s roped together in a yank of fight compare that unequivocally only finished in large retreat burnouts.

This sold four-minute video starts off with some pleasant sound from a Porsche’s naturally aspirated flat-six, as it creates a approach onto a temporary convene stage. Multiple cameras film a 911 behaving slides and 360 grade donuts, and removing flattering unwashed in a process. The automobile afterwards comes to a stop, looking out onto a tiny lake that occupies a core of a quarry.

The final video uploaded to a TaxtheRich100 page is Jan 2016. In a video a singular Ferrari F40 GT creates a approach by a soppy autocross course. As a film comes to a close, a Ferrari drives off-screen and what sounds like a dubbed-in pile-up sound outcome is heard. The footage cuts to black, and a difference “The End” appear, presumably signalling that a channel itself had come to a close.

Jack Lumber’s “Ode to Tax a Rich” video might not have been as impassioned or costly as those found on TaxtheRich100, though it does make for a plain homage, and it brings peculiarity party to those who cite to see supercars outward of a squeaky-clean showroom.

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