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467bhp Morgan Aero GT launched as swansong for retro sports car

Morgan is finale prolongation of a Aero 8 sports automobile after a final run of special GT variants are completed.

Due in only 8 examples, a Aero GT – a bespoke chronicle of a British brand’s two-seater that has been suggested in Geneva alongside a Plus 8 50th Anniversary – will also be a final automobile to use BMW’s long-standing N62 V8 engine.

Having powered Morgan’s Aero given it launched in 2000, a naturally aspirated 4.8-litre unit, that hasn’t been used in a BMW given 2010, will also crawl out in a many manly form.

Producing 367bhp and 370lb ft of torque, a V8 is related to a BMW six-speed primer gearbox that delivers expostulate to a back wheels. It can accelerate a 1182kg Aero GT to 62mph in 4.5sec and a tip speed of 170mph.

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Those opening total are matching to a Aero 8’s, though Morgan says a Aero GT is a many impassioned automobile to leave a Malvern bureau doors yet. This is given a bespoke various gets some-more assertive aerodynamic facilities desirous by Morgan’s 2009 GT3 racing car.

Most conspicuous is a incomparable back diffuser, that is pronounced to revoke vigour during a back to pull a automobile into a belligerent during speed. But there also are several other smaller aerodynamic parts, including a span of canards on a nose and additional louvre vents that assistance to revoke atmosphere vigour over a body. Every row is sculpted by hand.

“The additional wing tip louvres, side impressions and thespian back diffuser have all been tested extensively to safeguard they work together to revoke drag and boost highway holding capability,” explained Morgan pattern trainer John Wells. “The merits of these additions were initial unearthed during a early growth phases of a 2015 Aero 8 while we were exploring a mandate of a some-more aerodynamically fit Aero.”

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The automobile retains a Aero 8’s aluminium framework and tractable suspension, though gains a choice of a carbonfibre tough tip in place of a customary soothing top. This covers a hand-finished interior featuring painted stitching and pinstriping along with trim done from timber – a element synonymous with Morgan given it was determined in 1910.

Just 8 examples of this final Aero indication are due to be hand-built, any labelled from £120,000 incompatible internal taxes. That’s £144,000 including VAT in Britain and £49,335 some-more than a unchanging Aero 8.

Morgan trainer Steve Morris pronounced any automobile “is built to an harsh selection and is bespoke to any customer”. A build time of 8 to 10 weeks is expected, with buyers offering a possibility to follow a prolongation of their automobile from start to finish during Morgan’s Malvern factory.

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