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3 Concept Vehicles That Are Worth a Wait

P97K Racecar Concept

Concept: P97K racecar
Designer: George Yoo
Odds of Production: Never contend never

Dreams are mostly secure in some semblance of reality, as evidenced by San Francisco–based industrial artist George Yoo’s P97K racecar concept. “The impulse came from a Porsche 917K that competed during Le Mans in 1971,” he says. “Its gaunt and wide proportions were out of this world for a time—and still today. It always reminded me of a ultimate spaceship on wheels, and I wondered what a destiny iteration would demeanour like.” For his loyalty to motorsports,Yoo envisions a framework and body of CO fiber, an electric powertrain, a formation of artificial intelligence to assistance with handling,and an innovative commander perspective.“I kept a same single-driver greenhouse cabin from a original but put a passenger in a more aggressive headfirst position to give a feeling of being thrusted forward.” Although a vehicle remains vaporware, a designer’s hope hasn’t dissipated. “I believe it’s only a matter of time and technology.”—Viju Mathew

P97K Racecar Concept

P97K Racecar Concept 
Photo: Porsche

eVOTL Aircraft Concept

Concept: eVOTL
Designer: EmbraerX
Odds of Production: We might be hailing flights by 2023

At a Uber Elevate Summit in May, Brazilian aerospace hulk Embraer presented a new electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVOTL) aircraft concept developed by EmbraerX, a resolution tasked with developing disruptive businesses. The unconventional vehicle utilizes 8 still electric rotors backing dual struts mounted perpendicularly to a wings to take off and gain altitude. Once during a suitable height, a large propeller mounted to a behind of a qualification provides forward momentum. The judgment is designed to carry four passengers and will be flown by a singular pilot. However, during a conference, Embraer CEO Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva alluded to unconstrained moody being the ultimate goal. So how shortly will a sky be buzzing with flying taxis? Uber wants to start proof flights in 2020 and hurl out a on-demand moody use by 2023—potentially regulating Embraer-developed eVOTLs as good as designs from other partners. But, as with any travel revolution, infrastructure is key. As Silva explains, “It’s a prophesy about a future. And in sequence to make this prophesy work, of course, we need a support and a appearance of many, many stakeholders.”—John Lyon

eVOTL Aircraft Concept

Designed by EmbraerX 
Photo: Embraer

Baglietto’s 64-foot Ridoc

Concept: Roswell secrecy yacht
Designer: George Lucian
Odds of Production: Slim

Stealth yachts are not new, though some builders have put a new spin on the classic vessels. Baglietto’s 64-foot Ridoc looks like an ultra-modern PT boat, while Tactical Custom’s 77 yacht in build has a mini-destroyer profile. Though cool, they are bathtub toys compared to a 213-foot superyacht concept, reasonably named Roswell, by Monaco-based designer George Lucian. Borrowing from naval stealth vessels, Roswell’s pointy angles and reflective surfaces give it a discreet radar footprint for avoiding detection. At a same time, it will be a yacht everyone wants to see in port.

Bagliettos 64-footRidoc

Exterior view 
Photo: Baglietto

Despite a minimalist, troops look, Lucian didn’t skimp on a yacht’s amenities. Roswell has a full-beam covered swimming pool, a bridge deck with a helicopter platform, and a skylounge. Lucian envisions the forward area (covered though open along the sides) being a categorical vital space on Roswell, connected by outrageous glass doors to a loft-like, open-plan saloon and abaft cockpit area. It will have quarters for 12 guest and 12 crew. Roswell will be electric, with solar panels opposite swaths of a tip and stern to energy a residence systems. Diesel-electric engines will make it not only ultra-fuel-efficient though virtually silent in electric mode, like a real stealth vessel. —Michael Verdon


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