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2018 Volkswagen GTI S Review – The One-car Solution

2018 Volkswagen GTI front quarter

Depending on how academic we feel like being, one can disagree that a strange Volkswagen GTI was not a initial prohibited hatch. Alec Issigonis, with a insubordinate Mini, clearly desirous Volkswagen to pierce to a space-saving front-engine, front-drive, two-box form factor, even yet a Austin/Morris strange never had a loyal hatchback. No matter. Whatever a lineage, there’s no arguing that gripping automatic pieces in a apart box from a obese pieces can produce considerable room from a tiny car.

My personal swift reflects my customary suburban middle-class life — a minivan, a body-on-frame midsize SUV, and a midlife predicament disguising itself as a roadster-shaped shelf in a garage, not to discuss a press automobile gravy sight creation visit stops. And while my mother and we expostulate alone to a particular offices, flattering many all other times we are together in a singular car.

I infrequently forget that many families via a universe unequivocally don’t have a use for mixed vehicles — they need one that does everything. Hauling people, hauling things — one automobile does it all. That’s where a two-box resolution shines. And if a motorist likes driving, a minimal weight and compress dimension are a healthy plus. So, a 2018 Volkswagen GTI is utterly clearly moulding adult to be a ideal one-car solution.

2018 Volkswagen GTI profile

Like many enthusiasts with some-more time than cash, I’ll mostly peruse manufacturer websites for a configurators, looking for a best multiple of facilities and price. Almost invariably, we finish adult during some poignant multiplier of a bottom price, as a good things isn’t accessible on a discount groundwork trim. Matthew Guy, we am not.

2018 Volkswagen GTI front 2018 Volkswagen GTI rear

Except for this Ace of Base GTI S. The slightest costly trim in a catalog is many positively a one I’d buy with my possess money. Higher trims offer a sunroof, LED headlamps, energy driver’s seat, leather seats, keyless starting, and adaptive journey control. While good features, we don’t need them — and in a box of a seats, we wish a poetic Clark Plaid cloth. Were we forced to name a top-trim Autobahn package, I’d find out a wrecked S trim automobile and barter a leather for a cloth.

2018 Volkswagen GTI front seats

Back to a application cause of a two-box form. Beyond my common commute, we spent a weekend with a GTI shuttling dual kids between softball, soccer, and cheerleading events. All of that sporting gear, and stay chairs and coolers, fit simply in a 22.8 cubic feet load area though folding a seats.

2018 Volkswagen GTI back seats

The kids had copiousness of legroom behind me, and — scarcely — we had adequate room to slip a front chair brazen from a rearmost position comfortably. I’ll acknowledge a energy recline resource on an otherwise-manual chair is unusual, though a adjustments were elementary to make. Take divided a rest of a car, and I’d buy a GTI for a seats.

2018 Volkswagen GTI interior

Thankfully, a rest of a automobile is only as brilliant. The six-speed primer transmission’s shifter is only a bit rubbery — a Mazda3 has a somewhat improved feel when changeable fast —  though a purchase movement on this Volkswagen is linear, roughly buttery smooth. As many cars we expostulate don’t have a purchase pedal, I’ll acknowledge a initial integrate drives in a new-to-me primer will exhibit a miss of left-foot/right-hand coordination with a case or two. It never happened in a GTI.

The float in a GTI is a hold organisation for severely pockmarked roads, that isn’t helped by a customary forty-series tires on 18-inch wheels. Otherwise, highway drives are ease and quiet, with bumps induction with a pale bump and tranquil physique motions. The electrically-assisted energy steering has nothing of a obscurity customary of other EPS systems, with a approach feel and discerning turn-in.

2018 Volkswagen GTI dashboard

Drive this Volkswagen conservatively, upshifting during low revs with counsel pedal and shifter action, and it’s a calm, still knowledge fitting a ideal city car. The simple infotainment system, with Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, works intuitively and sounds good adequate for my ears.  Only when we let a tachometer pitch past straight-up noon does a hot-hatch inlet exhibit itself, with a menacing-yet-muted sly snarl entrance from low within a car.

2018 Volkswagen GTI infotainment

There’s 258 lb-ft of torque accessible during a low 1,500 rpm, so changeable isn’t particularly required when flitting slower cars on a interstate. However, a sound can be addictive when we do dump a rigging or dual and you’re a child like me.

2018 Volkswagen GTI core stack

When we do mangle off a highway onto one of those roads laid out by a wander of a creekbed rather than a clinical trowel of a polite engineer, third rigging is your crony in a GTI. Up and down ridges, around a dappled grey sycamore, and past a aged attract shop, a roadholding is confidence-inspiring.

Indeed, while a GTI is clearly descended from prohibited hatches of old, there’s a bit of classical sports sedan low within a essence of this truly good car. Composure over all highway conditions is a hallmark of a iconic German sports sedans of old, and this VW delivers only like those legends.

Really, I’m assured that everybody needs a Volkswagen GTI. It has a load room of a compress crossover, a pushing manners of a good sports sedan, and a compress measure of a commuter. Plus a six-year, 72k-mile guaranty eases a mind. Call me a cloyed journalist, though it’s expected a one automobile I’d buy with my possess (imaginary, remember, I’m a journalist) money.

2018 Volkswagen GTI back quarter

[Images: © 2018 Chris Tonn/TTAC]

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