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2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Review – So Funky, Sorta Fun, Slightly Flawed

2018 Toyota C-HR front quarter

Imagine if automotive story were flipped a bit, and that crossovers were a default compress family automobile for decades, rather than sedans. We’d be reliving a “longer, lower, wider� disturb of a late ‘50s in a complicated era, though with insubordinate things called “hatchbacks.�

Really, that’s all a subcompact crossover is — a hatchback with a bit of belligerent clearance, and infrequently a aloft roof. It’s a repackaging of an comparison judgment to marketplace to new customers.

Toyota was a explorer in a car-based SUV business with a strange RAV4, subsequently building adult a plain lineup of crossovers vast and small. Now, with a polarizing styling and compress measure of a 2018 Toyota C-HR, Big T takes aim during a entrance level. Will a musty styling move buyers, or will they defense their eyes?

2018 Toyota C-HR front

Many automobile companies have been lambasted (Toyota really among them) for building dull-looking cars. Nobody can call a C-HR boring.

2018 Toyota C-HR rear

It is, however, a bit odd, with curves, slashes, and contours contrary over each surface. In my tester’s dim grey finish, it’s a small bit cat-like — some of a some-more colourful hues on offer prominence a C-HR’s critical funkiness. The line combined by a reduce corner of a side windows dramatically rises to accommodate a swinging black line that creates a “floating� roof — and also places a doorway handles for those behind doors in a rather high position.

2018 Toyota C-HR profile

I’m not a fan of those high handles, as a C-HR is expected to be driven by immature families with kids who need to get in a behind chair by themselves, and who will find themselves thwarted by a hoop good out of their reach. I’m certain a targeted demographic is young, upwardly mobile (I hatred a tenure “millennial”) singles or couples though kids, though eventually many of those couples do what couples do and 9 months after a note on a minivan is tough to swallow on tip of a five-plus-figure obstetrics bill.

My first-generation Nissan Pathfinder likewise had a behind doorway handles adult high on a C-pillar, that caused issues for kids as well.

2018 Toyota C-HR infotainment

I mentioned a belligerent clearway advantage that a crossover theoretically binds over a normal car. The C-HR doesn’t accommodate that criteria within Toyota’s possess lineup, since dimensionally it’s an oddity — it has 5.9 inches of belligerent clearance, compared to 5.5 inches in a subcompact Yaris, and 6.7 inches in a apparently trail-ready Corolla. Overall roof tallness favors a C-HR, during 61.6 inches, compared to 59.4 and 57.3 for a Yaris and Corolla, respectively. Those numbers supplement adult to a rather incomparable cabin than you’d expect; 102.8 cubic feet of interior volume contra 85.1 on a Yaris, and 97.5 on a Corolla. For a small vehicle, it’s pretty roomy, though it doesn’t fit a normal ideal of a SUV.

2018 Toyota C-HR gauges

Another nick opposite a C-HR if we are looking for an SUV alternative: no all-wheel drive. It’s not even available. Whether it needs all-wheel expostulate is another matter. Unless a sleet or ice gets severely deep, front-wheel expostulate interconnected with good tires will work good in all continue conditions. we didn’t get to exam in anything over rain, though anecdotal reports from acquaintances who possess their possess C-HRs tell me that it performs as good as any other front-drive car.

2018 Toyota C-HR interior

A certain per a car-like inlet of this crossover — it indeed handles really nicely, with some pushing practice disposition dangerously tighten to a fun side of a equation. Body hurl is minimal when cornering, and turn-in is pointy and immediate. The highway float is organisation though composed, and a response from a 144 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder isn’t too dull by a continuously-variable transmission, that does improved than many during expecting a suitable expostulate ratio for a situation.

2018 Toyota C-HR front seats2018 Toyota C-HR Rear Seat

I did embody a prolonged expostulate in my week with a C-HR, and as we mentioned a float itself is utterly good. However, we struggled with a front seats. While a chair is tractable for rake, reach, and lower-cushion height, we couldn’t find a position that fit me well. we censure what seem to be really brief reduce bolsters, as a time we spent on that 5 hour highway outing left my hamstrings in anguish for several days after a drive. The seat’s front corner seemed to puncture in, slicing off circulation.

At good over 6 feet tall, I’ll concur that we am dimensionally a freak, so many drivers might not humour behind a circle like we did. But if we are a 90th percentile adult, ask your Toyota play for a longer-than-typical exam expostulate before signing.

2018 Toyota C-HR doorway row trim

Beyond a seats, there were a few sum that seemed utterly peculiar in a differently well-laid-out interior. Note these peculiar projections from a middle doorway row that seem to support a extraneous mirrors. One would have suspicion that possibly a doorway row could be done into one continual square to cover this area, or that a ascent for a extraneous counterpart could be lowered 20mm or so to improved fit this window line. Either way, it looks to be a sign of a interior and extraneous styling teams not articulate until wholly too late in a ramp-up to production.

2018 Toyota C-HR core stack

Toyota quotes 19.0 cubic feet of bucket space behind a behind seats. I’m not certain how useful each one of those cubes are, however, as a space is rather shoal due to a high bucket building and a dramatically-slanted behind window. It’s adequate to transport groceries or a few incomparable items, though massive things will need folding of a behind seat.

2018 Toyota C-HR Cargo area

Toyota is impossibly confidant for holding a possibility on such an unusually-styled subcompact crossover. While I’m apparently not demographically or physically right for a C-HR, I’m saying copiousness of them on a road. There are clearly adequate drivers who like a small despondency with their commute.

2018 Toyota C-HR behind quarter

[Images: © 2018 Chris Tonn/TTAC]

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