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2018 Peugeot 508 starts from £25,000

Peugeot has switched a 508 from tavern to a fastback bodystyle for a second generation, as a shred battles flourishing SUV sales.

The new 508, that was suggested during a Geneva engine show, gets a new 5-door physique style, as good as styling subsequent from a Instinct sharpened stop concept, suggested during final year’s Geneva show.

Prices for a new fastback start during £25,000 for entry-level Active trim cars, with a 1.5-litre, 129bhp BlueHDi unit. Top-spec First Edition is a many expensive, during £37,400. This pricing puts a 508 £2970 above a entry-level Volkswagen Passat in S trim with 1.4-litre engine, or £995 above a entry-level diesel Passat.

The 508 will get a range-topping plug-in hybrid variant post-launch, with a powertrain taken true from a 5008 plug-in, due after this year, yet it will not have to scapegoat foot space or cabin room to accommodate a batteries like some rivals do, according to 508 plan pattern lead Pierre Paul Mattei.

Mattei exclusively told Autocar that a 508’s EMP2 height was grown from a really commencement with “tight packaging” in sequence to capacitate Peugeot to offer an electrified powertrain from mid-2019 yet stopping practicality.

“Our group of designers spent a year and a half, that is longer than usual, with engineers to entrance a best record and believe for this car’s platform,” he said. “We have been means to mangle a conventions for pattern proportions while gripping those performances [such as foot space] unblushing in a architecture.”

The car’s batteries will be located underneath a building of a foot yet impacting bucket space, nonetheless a space for a gangling circle is lost. This has enabled Peugeot to yield a PHEV with adequate energy to yield a 31-mile pristine electric operation (WLTP), that is 6 improved than a plug-in BMW 330e offers.

The 508, before a staid-looking four-door saloon, is now a now a many some-more stylish bustle-backed five-door with frameless doors and “sharp and sculpted” lines. It is around 6cm reduce than many rivals in a class, and looks low and neat even yet it is about 8cm shorter overall.

A behind light bar with LED lights is taken true from a Instinct concept, and front-end styling draws from a car’s some-more assertive demeanour than a effusive 508.

Other tech highlights embody a raft of motorist assistance systems, as good as an infra-red camera integrated into a car’s walking showing complement to assist in detecting pedestrians during night. Inside, a 508 gets Peugeot’s second-generation i-Cockpit system, with a 10in executive touchscreen and 12.3in TFT arrangement replacing required dials behind  the steering wheel.

Where a prior 508 sales were roughly exclusively diesel, Peugeot expects a aloft petrol disposition for a new car around a 68/32 separate in foster of diesel is approaching by a brand.

The operation is surfaced by a 222bhp Puretech petrol-engined variant, nonetheless 6 petrol and diesel engines are accessible from launch, with a entry-level automobile removing a 1.5-litre 128bhp BlueHDi section – a usually 508 accessible with a primer gearbox. 2.0-litre 158bhp and 178bhp BlueHDi diesels also feature, as does a 2.0-litre 178bhp Puretech petrol.

The 508’s renovation is something of a warn pierce by Peugeot – a tavern marketplace continues to collapse due to a marketplace relocating to SUVs, while sales of a 508 have never surfaced a 140,0000 sole in France in 2010. Sales have depressed usually given then, with 82,000 sole in a car’s home marketplace final year.

With a renewed concentration on pattern and a uninformed physique style, a 508 outlines a commencement of a reaffirmation of PSA’s support of incomparable saloons, with sister code Citroën operative on a ‘luxurious’ tavern for launch in 2019 or 2020.

The car’s height stays a same – a PSA EMP2 height that underpins many of a company’s models, including a 3008 and 5008 SUVs, Vauxhall Grandland X, DS 7 Crossback and Citroën Picasso MPVs.

The fastback behind is also a depart from a required tavern predecessor, and increases foot ability from 473 litres to 485.

Peugeot’s European trainer Maxim Picat cites CO2 as his biggest problem. He believes model range, costs, and prolongation issues are broadly in sync with association aspirations, yet a 2020 swift requirement for 95g/km is a tough one. Tougher for others than PSA though, he says. Believes they have a solutions, formed on ‘the four’ – petrol, diesel, EV and PHEV, and a coherence to switch.

Diesel direct forsaken 5% across Europe between 2016 and 2017, and there’s some-more to come. But 3-cylinder 1.2-litre variants are PSA’s defence opposite a misfortune of it. A 3-cylinder 508 will seem in late 2018 and ‘works brilliantly’.

The 508 plug-in presents Peugeot with a critical charity to a Chinese market, where increasingly difficult emissions boundary meant cars with pristine electric capabilities are proof intensely popular. Mattei certified that there would be some teenager changes to a 508’s pattern in sequence to support to a singular tastes of Chinese buyers, yet that largely, a automobile would sojourn unchanged.

“We didn’t pattern a 508 in Europe and afterwards cgange it for China,” he said. “We designed it in Europe with recommendation from [our colleagues in] China from a really start. In fact, a car’s iCockpit dashboard was shown in China before Europe.”

Picat believes there’s a stability box for large saloons, saying research around 508 has found people who wish manufacturers to ‘give us behind a clarity of style’. The reported upcoming Citroen tavern is ‘definite’ yet Picat couldn’t be more specific than ‘around 2020’.

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