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2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 4Matic Coupe Review: A Hardtop Built to Cruise and Flatter

Beauty, sure, yet a cultured advantage of roofline strategy is debatable—I’m looking during you, ‘98 Chevy Lumina coupe—and maybe a slight energetic corner interjection to a shorter wheelbase and some jettisoned piece metal. But really, in this sold class, consumers buy a risque chronicle to illustrate that while they’ve selected a renouned model—Mercedes moves around 50,000 E-Classes annually in a U.S.—they’ve brought passion to a purchase. It shows they will deviating a pale 30 percent from expected. Their accountant might have destined them to a Honda dealer, though a vulgar libido led them to ask a Civic

The doubt is: does a Mercedes E400 Coupe arise above that cloud of romantic objection around Stuttgart’s repute for aloft engineering and design? Or, by chopping of half of a breadwinning sedan’s doors, did Mercedes furnish a $90,000 Toyota Solara? To find out, we took this Benz to a streets of Los Angeles—a city whose residents, during a aloft rate than anywhere else in a world, feel a whinging mass lies within them. 

The initial partial of a answer is positive: The Mercedes E400 coupe is beautiful, generally squatting among L.A.’s absurd, year-round bird-of-paradise blooms. Not ideal like a W124 300CE of old, though moving—and, in a parlance of a day, “thicc.” [Look it adult on Urban Dictionary if we dare. —Ed.] With a new height that elevates a length, interior space, and participation over a aged version—the prior dual generations used a hacked adult C-Class chassis—this is a coupe that transcends a origins. With $3,000 of AMG physique pack propping adult a mini-S-Coupe-booty in $1,080 of designo cardinal-red paint, a E400 looks each in. a welterweight waft-machine it is. The impugn nose lends a boxer’s menace, while strut arrives interjection to some-more glitzy trinkets than seems prudent. Walking adult to a Benz, a headlights blink and swivel; a bullet griddle sparkles, and little spotlights irradiate a ground.

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