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2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 4Matic Cabriolet Review: The Reduced-Fat S-Class

Mercedes-Benz is removing good during creation cars that we can’t protest about, like a S560 Cabriolet—which, like a S-Class Coupe and sedan, might good be a world’s best all-around oppulance car, irrespective of price. But we don’t have to spend 6 total to buy a shining Benz. Following a moody to California to expostulate a Ferrari 488 Challenge competition automobile during Laguna Seca (more on that to come), we hopped true into another Benz convertible, a E400 Cabriolet. Having come from a insanely posh S560—which went for about $153,000 out-the-door— we was disturbed about a comedown climbing into a obtuse E-Class ragtop. But no worries, mate: Coupe or convertible, a E400 is simply a junior-executive chronicle of a S-Class. And it’s scarcely as persuasive, though during a smaller scale and dramatically reduce price.

The E400’s two-door predecessors, including a gone CLK-Class, were indeed built on a smaller C-Class architecture. At times, those cars came off as a Toyota Camry Solaras of a Mercedes lineup, lacking a pattern aptitude and brilliance you’d cite in a two-door Benz. That’s altered in a large approach with a all-new E-Class coupe and cabriolet, that we initial saw in a voluptuous strength in a German airfield maybe 6 months ago. If you’ll forgive a automobile examination cliche, this is a automobile we need to see in chairman to appreciate. 

As usual, a coupe is a genuine knockout, as a convertible’s fabric roof, however cosy and beautifully fitted, can’t compare a superb brush of a hardtop roof. That includes a mathematically-perfect, bow-shaped limit of chrome for a pillarless coupe’s front and back windows, that goes blank in a convertible. But a automobile wraps a top-down hothouse in a contrasting, brightwork aluminum rope for a yacht-like effect.

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