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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4Matic Long-Term Update 3: Running Costs and …

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I’ve come to know a long-term 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4Matic flattering good over a past 6 months. The GLC’s stay with us so distant has been mostly uneventful, yet a 11,000 or so miles trafficked from behind a circle have given me a certain appreciation for some of a GLC300’s facilities and a antipathy for others.

My favorite thing about a GLC is how gentle it is while still remaining enchanting to drive. Many oppulance cars amp adult comfort by ironing out all clarity of feedback and feel from a road, yet not a GLC. It stays still and buttoned down, nonetheless is still fun to expostulate with good steering feel and feedback as good as a comparatively manageable powertrain.

I’ve also unequivocally come to conclude how atmospheric it is. The backseat is vast adequate for dual adults—or, as is some-more mostly a case, my dual dogs—and with a behind seats folded flat, a Mercedes has 56.5 cubic feet of load space accessible to swallow adult even a biggest Home Depot or Ikea run.

The GLC isn’t perfect, though. If I’m nitpicking, ever given we beheld that a steering circle is mounted somewhat off-center toward a right of a cabin, it’s angry me. Likely a benefaction for wrapping or pile-up reserve (or both), a homogeneous steering circle doesn’t harm anything yet my personal clarity of symmetry.

A reduction whimsical censure would be a GLC’s cost of ownership, yet so distant so good. The GLC’s initial service, that enclosed an oil and filter change, tire revolution and balance, and an inspection, set us behind $281.69. We also only recently transposed a windshield, that picked adult a nasty stone chip right above a VIN plate. That set us behind $950, including labor and installation. Compared to a prior oppulance SUV prolonged termer such as a some-more costly Land Rover Range Rover Sport TD6 ($845 for a homogeneous simple use and $1,830 for a windshield replacement), a GLC300 is a steal, yet partial of me can’t assistance yet demeanour on enviously during other roughly allied SUVs such as a recently over Volvo XC90, that includes a initial 3 services during 10,000 mile intervals for free. Only time will tell either a GLC’s use costs infer to be a thorn in my side, yet I’ll be gripping a tighten eye on a Merc—and a association credit card—over a final half of a GLC300 4Matic’s loan.

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