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Romain Grosjean warns new F1 restarts could be ‘chaos and dangerous’

Haas F1 Team motorist Romain Grosjean is endangered that new Formula 1 restart manners for 2018 following a red dwindle is an collision — or some-more — watchful to happen.

At a Barcelona exam this week, drivers unnatural a new procession where a competition is restarted from a grid on aged tires following a red dwindle stoppage. Afterward, Romain Grosjean sounded a alarm.

“It was like pushing on slicks in a rain,” Grosjean said. “On cold rubber, a automobile was uncontrollable. we have concerns about safety. The restart could be disharmony and dangerous.”

Grosjean pronounced he will be in hold with Grand Prix Drivers’ Association executive and Charlie Whiting with his concerns.

However, F1 maestro and two-time universe champion Fernando Alonso says he is not worried.

“I don’t see any problems,” Alonso said. “Of course, when a lane is cold we will have to combine some-more on warming adult a tires, though it’s a same for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Grosjean also voiced regard about a new halo motorist cockpit reserve device, with some fans observant they can't brand their favorite driver’s helmet any more.

“Perhaps we need to work on a design,” Grosjean said. “Could we paint it in a colors of a helmet? We’ll have to consider about it.”


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