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McLaren F1 finds new ways to onslaught in Barcelona tests

Second-year McLaren F1 motorist Stoffel Vandoorne spent most some-more time in a garage than on a lane Tuesday as a formidable winter for McLaren continues.

After a uneasy opening exam in Barcelona final week, a British team’s new Renault-powered automobile struck some-more problems in Barcelona. Some of a censure competence be Renault’s, with Red Bull also pang from a battery problem.

On Tuesday, McLaren finished a session-low 38 laps (front-runner Sebastian Vettel incited 171 laps for Ferrari). Vandoorne was 12th out of 13 on a speed chart, 1.6 seconds behind Ferrari.

“This is a normal process,” pronounced Renault arch technical officer Bob Bell. “We’re regulating all a batteries in contrast and selecting a best ones for a rest of a season.”

However, as images emerged of a 2018 automobile featuring puncture cooling during a tip of a engine cover, Vandoorne certified some concern.

“It’s true. It was a really formidable day for us,” Vandoorne told Belgian broadcaster RTBF. “We had a lot of technical problems and now we have to find solutions. We have usually 3 days of contrast left and we need this credentials for Melbourne.”

The Formula 1 deteriorate opens on Mar 25 in Australia.

McLaren trainer Eric Boullier insisted he is not “overly concerned” about a problems. When asked if a Renault battery issues during McLaren and Red Bull were a worry, Renault works motorist Carlos Sainz said, “Of course, and we contingency delicately investigate what happened to them.

“If they are associated to a Renault engine, we will understanding with them,” Sainz added.


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