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Las Vegas NASCAR leader Kevin Harvick fails post-race inspection

Despite winning a Pennzoil 400 on Sunday during Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Kevin Harvick will not be means to use his feat towards a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series playoffs and will not get a 7 playoff points that came with it due to a window prop that unsuccessful during a foe itself.

Since Harvick also won during Atlanta, this ‘encumbered’ chastisement won’t keep him out of a playoffs, though it does dump him from 13 playoff points to 6 and only one forward of Daytona 500 leader Austin Dillon. NASCAR also docked Harvick 20 championship points and a group 20 owners points.

Crew arch Rodney Childers was fined $50,000 and automobile arch Robert Smith will be dangling from a subsequent dual events.

The group was penalized since a right behind window of a No. 4 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford Fusion humid during foe speed. The emanate was not detected while a automobile was station still during pre- or post-race investigation though was noticeably opposite during a foe broadcast.

The defilement associate to sections (dealing with behind window support) and 20.4.18 (rocker row extensions), specifically:

Installed behind window braces and supports contingency keep a behind window potion firm in all directions, during all times and all NASCAR templates contingency fit correctly.

Additionally, a rocker row prolongation was not aluminum.

The No. 4 group has a right to interest a penalties to a National Motorsports Appeals Panel, though in a matter expelled on Wednesday night, group boss of foe Greg Zipadelli has not nonetheless done a decision.

“Late today, NASCAR done us wakeful of a chastisement they’re commanding on a No. 4 Cup Series team. We’re going to take a time and weigh a options, and we devise to continue discourse with NASCAR to entirely know a motive behind a penalty.”

Earlier in a week, Childers told Sirius XM NASCAR Radio that a partial failed, heading to a caved-in roof.

“Basically, we had a behind window prop fail, and NASCAR mandates that we run a certain T-bar in a behind glass, and that T-bar is indeed flattering strong,” Childers said. “Then also over a winter they wanted a behind package to lift a bottom of a behind potion to be unequivocally unbending and stay tranquil — there were some guys that were carrying their behind package trays descending an in. during a finish of a year final year.

“The bottom of a potion got strengthened adult and a T-bar is stiff, and a core prop that binds that T-bar is what focussed and unsuccessful and a T-bar ends adult being stronger than a behind of a roof during that indicate and afterwards pulled a behind of a roof down.”

He also pronounced he did not trust a problem supposing an aerodynamic advantage.

The chastisement is rather significant, since while Harvick has already competent for a playoffs, it could forestall him from advancing in one of a rounds should he come adult reduction than 7 points from advancing.

It’s also value observant that NASCAR formerly cited such an infringement as an encumbered victory, though has inaugurated not to use that vernacular as of a 2018 season. However, a manners sojourn unvaried from 2017.

Harvick roof issue

Matt Weaver

Matt Weaver

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