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F1 reveal: Aston Martin Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB14

Red Bull on Monday became a third group to launch a 2018 Formula 1 title challenger.

Say hello to a Aston Martin Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB14.

Four-time constructors’ champion, four-time drivers’ champion Red Bull is looking to do some-more than collect adult a peculiar feat or dual in 2018. The Austrian group is looking to mountain a critical plea opposite Mercedes and Ferrari for a championship.

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The RB14 was launched with a special-edition clothing — fans can substantially design a lapse to a yellow nose cone and primarily black clothing in time for a Australian Grand Prix — to simulate a fact that they have launched a automobile progressing than ever. Usually, Red Bull would be one of a final to launch a entry, infrequently even using a hybrid automobile mixing tools from a prior and arriving deteriorate in a initial preseason test, though this year is different.

“New bodywork regulations always browbeat a news cycle in a launch season, though 2018 has a bigger acreage of change than many years with a introduction of a halo and a new ostracism zones on a back of a automobile that effectively mislay shark fins, gorilla seats and T-wings,” pronounced a Red Bull press release. “Some years it’s formidable for a infrequent spectator to compute a new automobile from a old: That isn’t going to be a problem this time around.

“That said, a technical regulations haven’t altered hugely for 2018. Installing a Halo has been a plea — mostly in terms of building a framework clever adequate to accommodate it and pass a heartless homologation exam — though a rest of a regs have been partially stable. That’s a primary reason we’re means to launch progressing than usual.”

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By Sam Hall

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