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Drivers blast Carmen Jorda for comments on women and F1’s earthy challenge

Amid a charge of criticism, FIA Women in Motorsport Commission member Carmen Jorda says that she was not vocalization for all women when she pronounced recently that women should demeanour during opportunities in a “less physical” Formula E array instead of a some-more physically perfectionist Formula 1.

Jorda perceived complicated critique from drivers, champions and fans both masculine and womanlike following her comments final week that seemed to daunt women from posterior a career in F1. Jorda says that reporters asked questions that effectively put difference into her mouth.

“On Saturday, after contrast a Formula E automobile before a Mexico e-Prix, we spoke to several reporters about a experience,” pronounced Jorda in a statement. “During one talk we was asked to review pushing a Formula E automobile to a Formula 1 car, and afterwards specifically, possibly Formula E is easier for women to contest in than Formula 1. Having some knowledge of both cars, we gave my personal opinion that pushing a Formula E automobile presents reduction of a earthy plea than Formula 1, since of a reduce downforce.

“I also referred to there being ‘a earthy issue’ for women in Formula 1, something that has combined substantial discuss over a final few days — including from many distinguished women within a sport. we would like to appreciate associate drivers for pity their opinions, and honour their views greatly. we am contemptible if my comments seemed to pronounce for all women and combined difficulty — as we was reflecting merely on my possess personal experience.”

Jorda’s reparation matter continued, “I never dictated to daunt other women from competing during a apex of a sport, or contend that they physically cannot. My comments were quite a response to a approach question, seeking ‘do we consider Formula E would be easier for women?’

“As a member of a FIA’s Women in Motorsport Commission we am committed to enlivening some-more women to turn concerned in a competition — both on and off a lane — and celebrating those who are achieving good results.”

Jorda resolved by congratulating Tatiana Calderon on her new position as exam motorist for a Sauber F1 team.


By Sam Hall

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